Great 'Cheap Tan' Hunt



  • JayneH_3
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    I like the dark holiday skin, but found that it's smell is overpowering when you are building it up on a daily basis. Can you tell me if St Tropez and Fake Bake smell?
    So many shoes, so little time....
  • debs626
    debs626 Posts: 665 Forumite
    I use fake tan occasionally and once bought a pack of 10 for 99p self tanning wipes, cant remember the name, bought them from savers about 2 years ago but they were brill. I have never been able to find them since. I bought some Nivea self tan pump spray from Boyes just the other day for £1.99 and that seems to be pretty good. I think I must just have the right skin type for fake tan because dos'nt matter how much I pay for it it just looks good on me. :-)

    Just to let u know ... I have put it on every day for the last 3 days right after my shower and I have gone a lovely shade, no streaks or patches.

    Gonna pop back to boyes and get a couple more bottles.
    MSE:-)MoneySpendingExpert (-:
  • pash_2
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    i use holiday skin, normal to dark and i find its fine! in fact after reading this thread i have got some on today! it does have a smell but i dont think its unpleasant and not like the "fly spray" stuff i used when i was *ahem* younger! i have tried the tan towels and im not impressed with them, i also splashed out on Piz buin once on a referall but it didnt do for me.. just goes to show we are not all the same eh! (have tried eco tan too and sent it back <qvc suppose that was a bonus really!> it was horrid, went all streaky all over and wouldnt even scrub off! the only other thing i have used that i luv is from matalan, its a mousse and in a creamy coloured can.. i buy it when they get the winter stuff in for about £2, reduced in sales! i stock up on that its great for colour and no streaks as it is a mousse and rubs in really easy.. sorry if you have got bored with this (turned out to be a long one!) lol
    Pash x
  • DSmiffy
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    tigger13 wrote:
    I have used both Johnsons and the New Dove Tanning creams. Both are very good but I always go around exuding a smell of toffees, worse with the Dove one.I presume it is the caramel colouring that makes it smell so.I am not the only one as have canvased friends who use it and all agree.
    PS do not mix with P20 sun cream or you will turn a deep jaundice yellow as a collegue did recently!!

    I found this too, although doesn't smell of toffee, mores the pity, just a really weird smell after it has been on for a while. I can only put it on on days when I'm not at work as I'm quite aware of the whiff!!
  • I have really sensitive skin and have to be careful what I use. Last year my Mum bought me some Clarins Radiance Plus Body Lotion which was excellent, nice pong and gives a nice colour but quite pricey for us MoneySavers (£25ish)!

    As I've run out of it, I thought I'd save some dosh & bought some of the Dove stuff (sorry, exact name escapes me - memory like a sieve :rolleyes:). Applied it for 3 days in a row, and have developed a yucky rash. Doesn't sting or anything when I apply it, but obviously doesn't agree with me. A bit peeved as it gave a really lovely colour.

    So if you are a sensitive soul like me, just take care. Just thinking actually, before buying a bottle, squeeze out a blob at the shops and put it on your fore-arm & leave it for 24 hours to see if you react to it (now why didn't I think of that before?! :o !

    Will start saving for the Clarins stuff..... :tongue:
  • goanmad
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    I recommend Avon's self-tanning mousse. It's BOGOFF at the mo!
  • scooper
    scooper Posts: 986 Forumite
    home and bargain is 3.49 for johnsons holiday skin,all skin types
    appreciate what you have got x
  • jaffacakes_2
    jaffacakes_2 Posts: 411 Forumite
    If anyone's interested, Dove Summer Glow is £4.99 BOGOF in Boots at the moment.
  • :eek: have Piz Buin 200ml body cooling spray for £2.99.
    yes but the postage is 3.45! i got excited there for a minute
  • gettingwise
    gettingwise Posts: 13 Forumite
    Just a word of caution, my wife used suntan (cant remember make) got at a reduced price in boots, first time two times she used it with no problem, the third time she had a very bad allergic reaction, ended up with red rash top to toe and had to take antibiotics for 3 weeks. Problem is she now cant go to beach resorts any more because suntan and suncream gives her a reaction, if she uses a sunlounger or even touches furniture in a hotel room, (which seem to have trace amounts of suncream on them)
    She ends up with a rash. No more sunny resort holidays for us.
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