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Great 'Cheap Tan' Hunt

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Shop but don't drop
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  • tigger13tigger13 Forumite
    12 posts
    I have used both Johnsons and the New Dove Tanning creams. Both are very good but I always go around exuding a smell of toffees, worse with the Dove one.I presume it is the caramel colouring that makes it smell so.I am not the only one as have canvased friends who use it and all agree.
    PS do not mix with P20 sun cream or you will turn a deep jaundice yellow as a collegue did recently!!
  • 50p a minute in our local tanning salon
    49 posts
    I'm a St Tropez girl at heart too! Its quite often on offer when Debenhams do their 20% off days. At the moment Boots are doing a sample envelope which costs £2. In it there is a couple of sachets of tan and the moisturiser - handy for hols. Plus there is a £2 voucher in there which can be redeemed when you spend £20 on St Tropez.

    I tend to find that the mousse is the best. My top tip (told in a Salon) is to have your shower in the morning and then put it on in the evening on "dirty" skin. It's supposed to react better with the natural oils in your skin, which are rinsed away if you shower before you use it. ST Tropez is also Aloe Vera based so make sure you use Aloe Vera shower gels and body lotions when you have it on.

    Lancome does a brilliant one for your face which I slap on every now and again and put my make up on top. It develops througout the day and is streak free.

    Fake tans are classed as skin care products so this is worthwhile bearing in mind when bonus gifts and Advantage points are on offer as some need a skin purchase to qualify.
  • I end up going orange unless I use St Topez or Fake Bake. But they're expensive. Anyone else with red hair who has found a cheaper variety that will definitely go brown and not orange on fair skin?
  • jopseyjopsey Forumite
    840 posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    I've tried all those mentionned and I'm really allergic to them - I get a terrible rash that takes months to go- does anyone know what the ingredient might be that I need to avoid? Or an anti- allergic one? Thanks, otherwise I'm not getting my legs out this summer!

    Me too I have tried quite a few and I react in the same way but if i use the wash off ones im fine but thats a bit of a faff, would love to know what it is im allergic too and then could check the ingredients on the bottle before spending anymore dosh !!!
    Any ideas anyone
  • belfastgalbelfastgal Forumite
    594 posts
    Have used St Tropez for years until until i discovered Fake Bake...its totally fool proof.....get it on ebay also for less than £15.
  • I use St Tropez (the spray) or Fake Bake. I've tried nearly every fake tan on the planet and these are the best I've found. I buy mine from who are pretty cheap (£15 for Fake Bake, £20 for St Tropez Spray), and offer free p&p.
  • angelfireangelfire Forumite
    856 posts
    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts Combo Breaker
    DINKY wrote:

    PS Sorry to be controversial, but I thought the Johnson's Holiday Sun was poor, I used the lighter shade and couldn't see any difference after repeated use. Don't waste your money on the lighter shade.

    i have to agree with you here - the holiday sun either works and streaks for me, or there's no difference at all! what am I doing wrong? I remember years ago, after my first ever holiday abroad I came back white as a sheet (i have very pale skin that only really tans well on a sunbed), anway, my mum bought some duotan for me which looked lovely and didn't streak only around the ankles - is this still on sale?

    Can anyone recommend a good fake tan for someone with very pale skin?


  • jaymac_2jaymac_2 Forumite
    1.7K posts
    The Dove one is on bogof in Boots and they're giving away £5 no 7 vouchers if you spend £10.

    Anyone near Burton on trent, the FE college does fake tans for £10.
  • BASILBASIL Forumite
    336 posts
    sorry but tried so many and look like a relative of dale winton so its pale and interesting for me!!!! :cool:
    '' it'll take time to restore chaos...'' G W Bush
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