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Great 'Cheap Tan' Hunt

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Shop but don't drop
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  • jaymac_2jaymac_2 Forumite
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    fake bake is good, as is having a professional fake tan at a college that has beauty classes - last year I paid £15 for a salon St Tropez and the "student" was a former therapist at Ragdale Hall.
  • I've tried all those mentionned and I'm really allergic to them - I get a terrible rash that takes months to go- does anyone know what the ingredient might be that I need to avoid? Or an anti- allergic one? Thanks, otherwise I'm not getting my legs out this summer!
  • SuzySFSuzySF Forumite
    118 posts
    I bought a Babyliss Spray Tan system off ebay - it's a proper compressor powered one like they use in salons - BUT here the moneysaving bit - I hire it out to friends :) they too have a nice professional spray tan at a fraction of the price - so were all moneysavers !!!!!!!!
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  • KMKKMK Forumite
    271 posts
    Has anyone ever tried out the contraption advertized in Argos which you can use at home? It is a smaller version of the sprays used in salons but it looks very complicated to me.

    Also my sister gets an allergic reaction from most false tans. Any reason why? What is the likely ingredient? Can anyone recommend one for allergic skins please?
  • Yep! Johnsons holiday skin, is definitely the best! I have tried many fakes and this is the biz, one application and next morning there's the tan! good thing about this is as it's really a lotion you don't have to be so careful, just round ankles and knees. I use the darker one and it' s perfect.
    Superdrug have got a double offer on the body and face together, cheaper than Boots.
    happy tanning! :T
  • Thanks sparklyblue I'll give it a go!
  • SystemSystem
    177.7K posts
    10,000 Posts
    Keep an eye open on Ideal World for "Zhuzh",the guy that promotes it is tanned better than leathery David Dickenson. The product is a milky spray and tans throughout the year, providing you are in sunlight. WARNING, there is NO factor protector. So you need to add that.
  • lynseyf wrote:
    I use Johnstons Holiday skin. Its really easy to use and as long as you go easy around your knees and ankles and wash your hands it always comes out ok. I buy the one for dark skin even though I have quite fair skin. I put it on every night until I go the colour I want then only have to put it on every 2nd or 3 rd night. I also bought it in Boots whenit was BOGOF

    I also use Johnson Holiday skin and think it's really good. I have noticed quite a lot of other brands (such as Dove, Superdrug etc.) doing a similar product, but cheaper. I haven't actually tried any of these, but was wondering if anyone else had and knew if they were as good?
  • The Boots No7 one has always been good for me. Although I always use a mitt thing (a few pounds from Boots or Superdrug - if you wash it once a week it lasts forever!). I think its about £10 a bottle but I always stock up when you get the £5 vouchers for spending over £10. It then works out to a fiver and lasts for ages. Bargain.

    That holiday skin is pretty good too, though it did give me a couple of stripes and it does smell like the traditional FT which is never good.

    Most helpful tips though.

    Total Debt (not incl. mortgage) £35,612 25/8/06 :mad:
  • jodyapplejodyapple Forumite
    17 posts
    I've got through a few bottles of holiday skin but I have developed a rash a couple of times as a result of using it - the face moisturiser is good but doesn't contain an SPF. So many salons in the Manchester area have the St Tropez spray tan treatments that if you search around enough you never really have to pay more than £15 a go for a professional tan.

    I've used Fake Bake which is good too - £15 off eBay, but I’m not bendy enough to get in all the nooks and crannies so end up with streaks unless a professional does it.

    If you live in the Manchester area - Try the Y club in town for good deals and also Grasse in Stockport doeas a £15 deal on the last Thursday of every month. x
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