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  • Nothing to do with server being down then?
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    Another problem i have wsith the V4 dialer is that, i had a onw wired version sent to me because i had the ring back problem, so i had both V4 dialers on my table, when we discovered my 2 year old daughter had peeled off the serial number on the back :eek: They were whole, so i put them back on, unsure which one was which, so took a guess.

    When i tried to sort my client out which had worked before it would not send the data to the V4 dialer, so i guess i put the wrong serial sticker back on!

    Is there a way of changing the serial number on the dialer to match my user name detaila or whatever they use?


  • When the Client is back up and running I think you can see serial in the program.

    At least the last four digits.

    Just looked at a screen shot I did, end user = serial No (last 4 digits). Not sure if that will help but worth a try.
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    Thanks, will check.

    So just to make sure i am clear.

    When i order a V4 dialer, the serial number of that is logged against my account and used with the client yes?

    So i i have a V4 box with a different serial to that of my account, when i download it will go to someone else V4 dialler box?

    Also when the client server be back up and running?

  • When i order a V4 dialer, the serial number of that is logged against my account and used with the client yes?

    Not sure as I only have one box, so can't make a comparison, but YES I think so.

    Here is a screen shot, I have edited my details: http://www.kenspace.myzen.co.uk/pics/product%20id_EDITED.jpg

    The client is still down, you will have to wait untill they are back on line.

    If you know your user name that also is the same as the Serial.
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    Thanks, went it's up and running i'll check!


  • Apologies in advance for the Newbie question but a few quick pointers would be greatly appreciated..

    I've decided to go for an Orchid solution for my two home phone numbers. (2 Ranger 868 integrated LCR phones - one for each line/number).

    What do I do next? I'm on NTL. I work from home and use the phone all day for all sorts of calls, including international & 0845/118 etc.

    Q1.Is the Heinz program the best option for NTL and my use profile?
    I'd prefer to be on the heinz program is possible for simplicity's/ peace of mind's sake but if there is a cheaper DIY option I may go for that.

    Q2. What do I do next - do I need to sign up with Primus and/or other 3rd party routers first or does the Heinz program/Orchid sort that out?

    All help/advice appreciated
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    No, the Heinz program is not suitable for use with cable landlines (because the prefixes 18185 and 1280 cannot be dialled).

    Equally, I can't even see how an Orchid will help now that Virgin Media are progressively blocking gateway numbers - meaning that, before long, it's likely that you'll have to dial out on their network and not be able route your calls elsewhere at all.
    Time has moved on (much quicker than it used to - or so it seems at my age) and my previous advice on residential telephony has been or is now gradually being overtaken by changes in the retail market. Hence, I have now deleted links to my previous 'pearls of wisdom'. I sincerely hope they helped save some of you money.
  • You need a BT line for Heinz program.

    Could you dump one NTL line for a BT line, it may be extra line rental cost but cheaper over the long run.

    Guess you will have to work that out for yourself and your own situation.
  • Heinz, many thanks for the quick reply. If I could trouble you for a bit of further advice...

    I've been looking for a reason to quit NTH(HEL)L/virgin for a while and from what you suggest this could be a good reason. I have phone/BB/TV with them and I pay ~£55 p/m in subscriptions ALONE. I now have freeview so I don't need the tv. The only thing keeping me with them was/is the reliable BB even tho' it's not the cheapest (~£25p/m for 4Mbps).

    What worries me is the cost of switching back to BT. We have the old BT socket, I would need another line installed and this is prohibitive.

    What are my options?
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