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  • Enterprise_1701CEnterprise_1701C Forumite
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    Same here - I emailed back saying I had changed my details because I had heard of fraudulent activity on other accounts.
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  • In light of this I logged into my Amazon account,which I have not used for 5 months at least


    It had every card I had ever used saved :eek: since 2003

    I have now deleted all of them
    Potentially someone could have hit the jackpot if they had got into mine I had paid with business cards,personal card,debit card and a credit card
    I never realised this would be stored long term

    Phew thank you I shall be VERY VERY careful in future due to this post
    :T :T :T :T :T :T :T
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  • PlushchrisPlushchris Forumite
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    Sorry but have dreadful customer service on all levels. I really hope you get this sorted and thanks for warning other customers. Amazon is a lot safer and customer friendly.

    Sorry but I couldnt disagree more, I've ordered stuff from Amazon 4 times now, there will not be a 5th, everytime I have ordered something there has been a long wait, wrong item delivered, damaged item delivered etc. and I have found them rubbish at customer service. They may well be more secure but certainly not customer friendly in my experience.

    Never had a problem with play and have ordered quite a lot from them, always quick delivery and the right item, this thread does make me worry about security a little though.
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  • rosekitten wrote: »
    I have a paypal top up card that I can
    put money onto and use online instead of
    my debit card,hopefully it will save me a
    lot of grief as I have recently been a victiim
    of card fraud and was shopping on
    just before Christmas.I have changed my details
    on their site as well.

    Thanks...I haven't heard of this but certainly sounds interesting....i will have a look at it.
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  • GrapeyGrapey Forumite
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    I received the same email stating that my card details were incorrect. I think their system works on the basis that if you are entering card details then you are placing an order.

    Yeah, that's what I thought but then I got the charged on my credit card for a declined transaction and it just seemed like a bit of a coincidence because I haven't made any other transactions which could have lead to my card being declined
  • blackmidnightblackmidnight Forumite
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    Grapey wrote: »
    Yeah, that's what I thought but then I got the charged on my credit card for a declined transaction and it just seemed like a bit of a coincidence because I haven't made any other transactions which could have lead to my card being declined

    I got the same email but I haven't been charged for a declined transaction.
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  • bex2002bex2002 Forumite
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    my OH had the same problem a few years ago!!
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  • Thanks to all for this info, I changed my details to a closed account in oh name so nothing can get through now

  • TigertTigert Forumite
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    To those that are getting the email about an order - When you change your card details in any way, Play attempt to authorise £1, to check the card is valid. They don't actually take the money. As you've put in invalid card details, this obviously fails so you get the dodgy order email. Lot's of online companies do this.

    So it's a good thing really - at least you now know that your currently stored card details don't work!
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  • jaytinjaytin Forumite
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    There seems to have been a lot of problems in the last year with people's personal details being stolen/mislaid, surely all online sites which use credit cards have encryption to prevent this? Actually now I come to think of it, I usually have to go through Mastercard security when I use my credit card online, but I don't think it does when I order from Play or Amazon. Maybe if enough people make a fuss they might start using Mastercard's authentication system.
    As for customer service to be fair I have found CS at both Play and Amazon to be pretty good. Play are great if you have to return a faulty item.
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