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  • luvvlyjubblyluvvlyjubbly Forumite
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    The same thing happened to my friend and play were really unhelpful about the whole thing!

    I couldn't find a way to remove my card details and I couldn't change the actual card number as it kept saying it was an invalid number so I've just changed the expiry date and it seemed to let me do that
    It won't let me do that...I'm trying to find an email to contact them.....?

    Edit....just rang them and they have removed it
    Never put off until tomorrow what you can avoid doing altogether.:D
  • squidge60squidge60 Forumite
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    i think someone got my details from play,messed things right up as i had to wait for another card i was furious as it was over xmas :mad:
  • Thank you for letting us know, you can never be too careful. Off to change my details now!
  • CatH_2CatH_2 Forumite
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    Blimey - good to know I'm not alone in this - but sorry to hear so many victims too..... just got my shipping 'confirmation' from Play... grrrrrr.

    The London address can't be more than a few miles from me - it's SO frustrating!!

    Lady I spoke to at Play was having none of it when I said I've seen lots of people complaining about breaches of security with their accounts.... kept saying how safe it all was.

    Just REALLY infuriates me that there is no way to manually remove your card details... it's ridiculous you HAVE to call. I got them to remove my account and will never being using them again now.

    I just wish there was a way of raising this issue further - the help pages on the site are completely useless for this sort of issue and the telephone operators are not capable of dealing with this - (no disrespect - they are there to deal with order queries, not fundamental issues with the site's security authentication).

    Who do you contact & where to begin...??? Especially when you consider a crime has been committed but no one wants to take responsibility for dealing with it.
  • thanks for the information. I managed to change my date of birth and expiry date so it shouldn't let my card be used. Watchdog are interested in stories like this.
  • kentyykentyy Forumite
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    Thank you for the warning.
    I have just telephoned on their main number at the bottom of their site.. starts 0845.. anyway I got a lovely man there who cancelled my account for me, with no problems.
  • arkonite_babearkonite_babe Forumite
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    Hubby and I have just deleted our accounts and stated the reasons listed above with no problems.
  • barginunterbarginunter Forumite
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    Is it possible that your own PC was hacked into for the details?
  • hi thanks for the info, just changed my details and my cards details to made up info.
  • lynn44lynn44 Forumite
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    Thanks catH trying to hit your thanks button but for some reason its not working and wont register ???
    Maybe fault thats why over 800 viewings and only 9 thanks ???
    I would love to be a Travel Agent :j
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