2009-goodbye debt goodbye fat!

Hi, im a seriel lurker here and i know things like this have been done before so i was wondering if anyone wanted to join my quest for down with the pounds down with the debts

my star weight is 14.13stone
my start debt is 30,000

my first target is 1stone and 1 debt

anyone interested? anyone done this successfully?

hopefully recording my progress will give me the get up and go i seem to have been lacking of late!


  • hiya,

    good luck :j

    ive set myself a few challenges, one is to get rid of the credit cards and catalogs and i want rid of them this year,

    would love a weight loss challenge so as soon as the front room is finished i will bring the wii and wii fit back down for a bit of excersie & more dog walking!
    i will have to weight myself & set a challenge soon,

    ive wrote on a stick it note my monthly total for this month and stuck it up and each month i`ll update on another

    have fun :)
  • griffamgriffam Forumite
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    OOOOHHHH i am so glad there are other serial lurkers ......just like you I need to lose some weight.....not sure how much might be brce and weigh myself tonight. Likewise with debts not sure how much !!! I am there all the way girl. Lurkingly jealous that you have gone for it
    Hello Payday! How are. . Hey where are you going? . . Please don't walk out on me.
    . Come back!
  • griffamgriffam Forumite
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    You got me all exited now....will defo weigh when I get home and post a target. Might even get OH to actually realistically appraise our debt but they me be a little scarey!!!

    let you know how much excess weight to go tonight when I am home....
    Hello Payday! How are. . Hey where are you going? . . Please don't walk out on me.
    . Come back!
  • Hi there,

    I started just over 2 years ago £26,000 in debt.

    And am now completely debt free.

    Am working on the weight ;)

    If only we could take the pounds off our weight and into the bank account eh!!!

    "I'm a trisexual. I'll try anything once," :rotfl:

  • If only we could take the pounds off our weight and into the bank account eh!!!

    if only :)

    or we could set a challenge where for every pound lost a set amount of money goes into a jar or goes into "the new size clothing fund!"

    ooohh i might get brave and weigh myself too
  • Fabulous! Its amazing how many of us are struggling with debt and weight. As you can see from my signature, my debt is similar to yours DebtBgone and I also need to lose around 70 pounds (too ashamed to post my actual weight :eek: ) so I will be following this thread with a lot of interest.

    Caroline - that is amazing! Well done. Have you posted your story? If so, can you point me in the right direction as I could sure do with some motivation.

    Percy P
    Dealing with my debt and my weight :D
    Debt at LBM 22/12/08 £33,270
    Debt now £30,100 (9.5% paid off)

    £2 coins saved and banked = £210
  • Well done, this seems to be a serial lurkers thread!

    At christmas, my wife and I and two other couples decided to try and lose weight. There was talk of going to a weekly weigh in at a local club but we all agreed this was throwing money away. So we decided to do a weekly weigh in ourselves and put the equivalent weekly fee (about £3 each ) in a sealed jar. To make things even more fun, we do the weigh in via webcam and MSN! (oh, we're sooo high tech!). We each have a chart with all our wieghts on and take it in turns to wiegh, noting it all on the charts. I then send a text round with 'slimmer of the week' and 'couple of the week' just to make things more interesting!

    I started off at 15st 8lb and now are at 14st 9lb so doing well. Unfortunately my debts are still grossly high but I am motivated to sort that out now!

    So good luck with your debt/weight reduction plan - I'll try and pitch in my weight/debt when I have worked out the debt side of things :(
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    Hi DebtBgone.

    Yes, yes yes....I seriously need to do this. Like yourself I know I am very close to 14stone 14lbs. !!....it sound better than 15 stone. !:eek: I am really reducing the debt and my problem is that I comfort eat.......as soon as I get home from work at around 2pm, then I hit the biscuits, chocolate, cakes anything that I can get my hands on. I am sure its the worrying that does it, and yet its a vicious circle. I feel uncomfortable in anything that I wear, I feel uncomfortable in nothing!.. I know its bad for my health, but I console myself by saying that I don't smoke, drink or buy myself many clothes. I dread trying them on in shops, so don't bother, plus can't afford to. So I need to really focus and do this. It could help on my money saving journey because I have a wardrobe full of clothes that I can't get it.....oh woe is me....I now feel really sorry for myself. I need another biscuit.:eek:

    June 2010 - 11/56 lbs Weight to lose before May 2011.

  • Hello DebtBGone how similar we are. My debt (well joint with hubby) is 31k and my weight is 15st 1lb.

    Planning our meals has given me a real kick to lose weight and get rid of our debts. Our LBM was only last week so this is our first month and trying to areducPayday for me was Friday gone (20th) and normally we are in our overdraft by now, but this month am nowhere near it. Planning on throwing 1k a month at debts, minimum's are 790 anyway and using the snowball we will be debt free in October 2011.

    Do you fancy a race???????????

    Kat xxx :rotfl:
  • Yep, I'm another "almost 14st 14lbser!" it's annoying how healthy snacks are more expensive than junk food. I manage better bringing the debts down than I do the weight though!
    Start Date: 27/11/2010
    Padding: Day 42
    Target £8000
    Amount: £562.23
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