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  • CAHA
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    As always I learn more from this site than I thought possible. I have yet to find a wine merchant in France that can compete with the French supermarkets in terms of quality or price. For wines from the rest of the world yes but even then found the Calais Sainsburys and Tesco much better.

    We always combine a long weekend break with our wine trips...have the best of all worlds then...a nice break and a full cellar...

    Thanks to all others for their tips/comments...fascinating reading...

  • twarner
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    Quite a few special offers from the 27th Feb. at Lidl.
    Example, South African Pinotage £2.24, (excellent)
    Chilean Pedre Jimenez £2.24
    Bordeaux Rose £2.99
    Rose D'Anjou £2.49

    See in store leaflets for full list.

    Well worth a box or two, I reckon.

  • orielensis wrote:
    Regarding retailers target margins as mentioned tesco is very profitable, their wine department is no exception to this and I would expect their average margin to be at least 1/3 - 50% on some products. Oddbins is currently 40% and other retailers vary - often from product to product. These margins are gross - i.e. pay for distribution, staff, property etc as well as profit.

    Hope this helps
    As far as I know Tesco work between 25% and 40%, the difference with Oddbins 40% is that this quite often comes from the fact that many of their prices are higher than the Supermarkets, so it's not as though they are getting the margin through canny buying. Oddbins do seem to have gone off the rails a little at the moment. I agree these margins are gross but it's regular these days, tee hee :rotfl:
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    Woby_Tide wrote:
    It's the free delivery offer that doesn't allow XX vouchers, see the front page of the winestore and check for the asterix on each offer and the associated terms at the bottom

    I'll try again later, having read through the Tesco Codes thread too.

    It was definitely the 20% that was showing on the checkout, and my delivery date was Monday 27th Feb which was charged at a fiver.

    Given that everyone else seems to be getting it to work, I must be doing something wrong.
    Not even wrong
  • tee_pee_2
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    Just had an email from Tesco they are doing 20% off all wines this week, but when you read further into the email some of the wines ( if you buy 6 ) are advertised as 58% off. It's worth a look.
  • CAHA wrote:
    I have yet to find a wine merchant in France that can compete with the French supermarkets in terms of quality or price. For wines from the rest of the world yes

    As mentioned the new world selection in French supermarkets is non existent - with good reason as the only branches that would sell any are the ones with British customers as French people generally wouldn't consider buying a non French let alone non European wine.

    The problem with French supermarkets is that there is a massive selection of wines which most people (myself included) know very little, and no product tasting or advice. On the face of it they all seem very similar - for instance in Carrefour there is about 50 Bordeaux AOC at about 5 Euros. They do not list their products and they are liable to change at any moment.

    The best way around this is to go as a group of buyers (as opposed to family/friends) and buy a load of sample bottles. Go and try them somewhere and come back and make informed purchases. Alternatively the guide Hachette is about 25 Euros and describes many of these wines, but be warned its only frequently issued in French.
  • riamundi wrote:
    Actually if you click on Smegster's link the Chilean Pinot Noir is advertised as only £3.03 a bottle, not £3.83 BUT when you get to the checkout it all goes pear-shaped. I found the discount on 12 bottles at £43.20 was £6.83, which isn't the advertised 20% but more like 15%.

    Also, if you put off delivery until the week beginning March 6 you can save the £5 delivery charge - but again, be careful. I was told I'd get free delivery and then after I'd paid I checked on my order confirmation and found I'd been charged £5 just the same.

    I'm trying to sort all this out with Tesco - will let you know how I get on.
    If i am not mistaken when shopping for groceries the £5 is deducted only when you receive the goods and stays on the bill til chek-out , that's my experience. thought the same rules would apply to wine?
  • Rache_2
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    Just wanted to reiterate the Quidco/Laithwaites link.

    We have been customers of Laithwaites for about a year and have been seriously impressed by the quality of the wine. We'd never buy cheaper supermarket wine again, to be honest. Anyway, we are in our free trial of the Premier club, which gives us two free bottles of £7ish a bottle wines per order.

    So today, I went through quidco, immediately got a £20 voucher from Laithwaites, which I've spent on a £70 case (we normally go for a £50-£60 one). Taking into account our free Premier club bottles, delivery, and the Quidco cashback, we're looking to get 14 bottles of wine at an average of £3.79 each.

    Based on previous performance, we'll get 14 bottles of wine which taste like £7 bottles of supermarket wine, for less than £4 a bottle. (And is they don't come up to scratch, Laithwaites will taken them back).

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  • Doesn't anyone like Italian wines? They haven't had a mention yet!

    I heartily recommend trying Giordano wines ( for excellent wines, very good prices (often < £4 a bottle) and occasional 'free' extras like Italian foods, wine accessories, crockery, glasses, etc. You will often find their ads in weekend broadsheet magazines as well.

    It's not a club, so there is no commitment, and they post you offers a few times a year, to which I regularly succumb ('cos I hate seeing empty spaces in my wine racks...).

    I started buying from them about 12 years ago (they even sent me a long-standing customer certificate!). Out of the hundreds of bottles I've had from them, only 2 (yes, two) have ever disappointed (one 'off' and one not to my taste) and they refunded the cost with vouchers. Maybe that doesn't say much for my palate, but it really is all down to personal taste!

    Anyhow, as ever, this forum is a fount of knowledge, and I've been reading for far longer than I intended - so goodnight!
  • MSE_Martin wrote:
    Wine clubs are popping up all over the place, from retailers to newspapers. Many have introductory offers giving big discounts for the first order. Which got me to thinking, can you 'wine tart', zipping around the different clubs to grab the intro deals? I thought I’d tap MoneySavers’ collective (un)consciousness to find your wine tart tips.

    Please detail any wine grabbing discounts available from any sources. Of course many of these offers involve multiple ordering, so it’s a case of order the intro case then cancel the direct debit or you'll keep paying...

    Click reply to detail your top spots.

    Tesco and Sainsburys are doing deals on wine this week. Tesco less 25% and Sainsburys 20%. Picked up some Australian Calloway Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz selling at half price (sic) less 25% for £2.61. Did a tasting with some Laithwaites left over from Christmas and more than matched a £6.00 bottle. Will have to go back and stock up with some more when I've sobered up a little!
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