The Great 'Wine Tart' Hunt



  • I haven't got quidco yet. Of course there's Clubcard point too.

    I'll look at that ASDA deal now, then maybe it's time to join Laithwaits, hic!
  • Twopints
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    emujuice wrote:
    in addition to the 20% off there are a couple of discount codes knocking around for tescos. one for £10 off and free delivery - buy any 12 bottles. one for £15 off, and you can select delivery after the 6th of march for free, but you need to spend over £50 for that one. details and other tesco picks on the grabbit board, vouchers on the vouchers board
    That's what I thought! Unfortunately the 20% off does not let you use any "XX" codes with it.
    Not even wrong
  • kingkano
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    Twopints wrote:
    That's what I thought! Unfortunately the 20% off does not let you use any "XX" codes with it.

    ummmmm???? my order went thru fine with 20% off and 15quid off for over 50. you sure on this one?
  • Woby_Tide
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    Twopints wrote:
    That's what I thought! Unfortunately the 20% off does not let you use any "XX" codes with it.

    It's the free delivery offer that doesn't allow XX vouchers, see the front page of the winestore and check for the asterix on each offer and the associated terms at the bottom
  • boxxsquare wrote:
    Wakehurst...........wake up. I am not sure you could have got more wrong if you'd tried.

    1. With your calculations of what is left for wine on a 2.99 bottle you have made no allowance whatsoever for retailer profit margins. If you look at Smegsters post earlier you will see a pretty accurate calculation.

    2. French duty is just 1p a bottle yet French VAT (TVA) is 20% also because wine is generally a little cheaper on the shelf in France the margins made by the retailers is a little higher.

    3. the cost of a bottle of wine is not fixed. It i a manufactured product just like power tools, and the country of origin has a huge impact upon its actual production cost and local selling cost. For example in Chile the vineyrds have been there longer and the labour is ludicrously cheap, compare this with Oz where they have a minimum wage not too far from our own and the cost of planting all thoe vineyards is pretty steep to sy the least, plus they have a home market for consumption. As such it costs a lot less to produce a bottle of wine in Chile than Australia and it sells for a lot less in Chile (based on equivalent quality by the way)

    4. Buying english wine does not remove the duty element and remember how expensive land is in the UK and you will actually pay more for a pretty dull bottle of English wine than you will for a delicious bottle from any of the other major wine countries.

    5. Although you would reasonably expect to get a better bottle of wine for between £5-£8 in reality you have just the same chance of selecting a duffer from either the wine clubs or the supermarkets or anywhere else for that matter, at this price as you do at £3.99 or £39.99.
    boxxsquare - valid points - many thanks... did not take into account retailer profit margins as I do not pretend to know what margin's retailers are working on. I simply wanted to share some of my learning's with this forum... to paint a very broad picture. To say that I could not be more wrong if I tried is an interesting point. Maybe I need to go back to business school? In my capacity as a major importer of wine into the UK (780,000 bottles in '05 +14% on '04) I am not privvy to the major retailers data - how do we really know? This should be a new strand. Who works for a major retailer, or even better is there a wine buyer on this forum?
    2. Your point about French Vat or TVA is of course correct or it was. The French wine mountain has created a 'special' tax break for wine makers. The country is trying to shift the millions of tonnes of unsold wine. Temporary tax breaks came into power 6 months ago (staggered).

    Anyway - good luck.
  • afternoon Wakehurst, I thought Boxxsquare was a bit harsh on you although he did appear to get his facts fairly straight. I was wondering, if you are a major importer, and certainly 22 pallets of wine a week would suggect so then surely you aren't exactly in too shabby a place to help us with your insight in to the wine trade. What sort of wine do you import by the way? and is it something we should be having a look at?
  • Actually if you click on Smegster's link the Chilean Pinot Noir is advertised as only £3.03 a bottle, not £3.83 BUT when you get to the checkout it all goes pear-shaped. I found the discount on 12 bottles at £43.20 was £6.83, which isn't the advertised 20% but more like 15%.

    Also, if you put off delivery until the week beginning March 6 you can save the £5 delivery charge - but again, be careful. I was told I'd get free delivery and then after I'd paid I checked on my order confirmation and found I'd been charged £5 just the same.

    I'm trying to sort all this out with Tesco - will let you know how I get on.
  • Sainsbugs has a great wine on offer at the moment, 25% off many prices and the cheapest was an aussie 'ruby cabernet shiraz' £2.08 per bottle and if you buy 6 or more you get an extra 5% off so less than 2quid for a reasonable tasting red. Its moving off the shelves quick so hurry. :money:
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    I trys, but sometimes I fails':A :cool: :o

    :beer: :beer: :beer:
  • Hi,

    Given the various breakdowns about the price of a bottle surely shopping in France is the best option if you really want to save money. Calais Vin as has been mentioned are very nice but their prices aren't that competitive. is the French outlet of Majestic wines, where you can preorder your wine online and receive a free ferry crossing. Free tasting is available both in France and in Majestic outlets in the UK.

    Regarding retailers target margins as mentioned tesco is very profitable, their wine department is no exception to this and I would expect their average margin to be at least 1/3 - 50% on some products. Oddbins is currently 40% and other retailers vary - often from product to product. These margins are gross - i.e. pay for distribution, staff, property etc as well as profit.

    Hope this helps
  • The thing with wine is you get what you pay for - if you buy a bottle for £2 it will generally be worth £2. Sainsbury's are having a wine fair and their own label Australian Coonawarra Cabernet is a great deal at normal price £6.99 never mind at 25% off - you also get an extra 5% off when you buy 6 bottles, this brings it down to £4.98 which for a wine that you can buy at your local store (not abroad) is a real money saving bargain.

    This wine won the Q award for best supermarket red wine run by Checkout magazine - a trade mag

    Check out Jancis Robinson's write up.
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