The Great 'Wine Tart' Hunt



  • I have been buying wine on these introductory deals since I was a student (since about 1999) and have always had great wine at very reasonable prices - and you don't need to carry it home from the shop!

    I tend to sign up for the "4 seasons" deals, or similar, get a great value introductory box, far cheaper than the equivalent wines off the shelf, and then cancel the subsequent boxes of wine, long before they ever try and send them to me.

    I have used Laithwaites, Sunday Times Wine Club, Virgin, Wine Warehouse... I know some of these are the same company but I prefer Sunday Times (better wine, better offers, better info), and wouldn't order from Wine Warehouse again (no info on the not-that-great wine).

    So I always have plenty of great wine in my flat that's cost max £4 a bottle. And lots of freebies (wine, champagne/cava, corkscrews, glasses, cool box...).

    No company has ever refused me an "introductory" offer because I've had one several times previously.

    I know it's a £40-£50 outlay upfront, but if you want good value wine, rather than just cheap wine, I highly recommend it!
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    smegster wrote:
    Be honest when was the last time you bought a £6 wine at 50% off and thought to yourself that it was definately worth the full price?

    Quite often, must be lucky. I do stock up when I get the chance.
  • I am a Laithwaites customer. As has already been mentioned, you can go through Quidco for 5% off. It is also pretty easy to find a £20 discount code around (usually you have to spend more that £65).

    Also, they have a 'premier club' where they add two specially chosen wines with each order. I think they offered me the first year of that for free, but now I pay around £20 a year (I think).

    So, I usually pay around £65+£5 (P+P) -£20 voucher -5% disount = £47.50 for a delivered case of 12 wines. So around £4 a bottle.

    The 'Premier Club' works out really cheap if I get 3-4 cases a year.

    I have been pretty happy with the wines provided (I tend to order mixed red cases), and at £4 a bottle it saves me lugging them back from the supermarket.

    Their '4 seasons' wine plan looks pretty decent as well, although I am not sure if the discount codes will work for that...
  • smegster wrote:
    A £2.99 bottle of wine is made up of:
    VAT 44.5p
    Duty £1.26
    Retailers profit 64p
    suppliers profit 10p
    Then when you take in the cost of glass, label, closure, cardboard case, transportation cost (and if the wine comes from outside the EU then it is liable for another tax of 9p a bottle)

    This leaves roughly 13 pence which is to cover the cost of the wine and the wineries profit. On this basis how good do you really think it can be?
    BEWARE!! BOGOF's in the supermarkets or anywhere else for that matter are too good to be true. As the Supermarkets like to protect their margin (on wine this is between 30% and 45%) they get the producer to fund these promotions. Because this has meant that the producer was running at quite a hefty loss they have found a way round it. Kumala Zenith and Hardys Crest are the best examples, these are wines that sell at £7.99 but are regularly sold at 50% off or BOGOF. In reality these are mediocre £3.99 wines dressed up a bit and then doubled up just to reduce. You think you've saved a fortune yet really you've just been taken for a dummy.

    I 100% agree with this. Also, the supermarkets have some dreadful, virtually undrinkable wines on their shelves. Wine bottles don't have "use by" dates printed on them, but often the wines you get in BOGOFs or promotion are way past their best, and any reputable independent would just pull them off their shelves. Some of the supermarket's aren't bad, M&S spring to mind, but if you want decent wine at a quality price, get to know your local independent wine merchant well and ask him for recommendations. If you make it clear that you want decent wine and you want to veer away from the supermarkets, if he has any sense he will want to make you a repeat customer and give you some good deals.
  • Somerled wrote:
    Asda is one of my favourites as it has an ongoing 10% off deal for buying 6 bottles at a time. Couple this to the 3 for £10 deal means that you can get 6 bottles for £18 or less, i.e. £3.00 a bottle of a relatively nice wine which usually retails for upto £4.00. For me the South African Dumisani Pinotage Shiraz red ABV 14.5% is worth the £3.00 - or the Asda Cava after Christmas some stores were selling for £2.78 = £2.50 if you buy six at a time.

    Just to add a little to this post for Asda,follow this link to hot uk deals,
    Here you will find various discount codes for use at Asda online.It is possible to purchase wine from Asda,have it delivered at a time and day that suits you,and save money into the bargain.
    For example:Choose the 3 for £10 deal and purchase 12 bottles at £40,it then deducts the 10%,bringing it down to £36.Place the order,choose your delivery slot,apply the discount code for £40 purchase (M2-DD-CL-40) and you will see in the summary that you pay £5 delivery ,but recive £10 discount
    and overall you will pay £30.95 for 12 bottles of wine that you choose and delivered when you want.
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    I have heard from experts that it does not matter what wine you buy, the taste in the end is down to personal preference. So a bottle of Tesco wine only costs 13p after all the other bits are added on? If you like it buy it.

    ALDI californian red at £3.49p in my opinion is superb. I see no reason to pay more.
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  • N9eav wrote:
    I have heard from experts that it does not matter what wine you buy, the taste in the end is down to personal preference. So a bottle of Tesco wine only costs 13p after all the other bits are added on? If you like it buy it.

    I second that - Unless your a so called 'wine snob', whether its a £2.99 Blue Nun or a £9.99 Grant Burge, If you enjoy it, buy it :)

    Going back to the original thread topic, I've found that both the Wine Society & Tesco's do quite a good broad range
  • bazwaldo,
    that seems good advice re Asda- have just checked and they still don't deliver around here, plenty of Asdas around but I've don't drive.
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    This is the best guide around for those supermarket bargains !!
    "0844 COSTS YOU MORE"
  • Where can you get the 1000 points code? thanks, chris.
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