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February is 'use up' month



  • brummiebabe
    brummiebabe Posts: 1,894 Forumite
    Have only just caught up with this thread and I think it's a FAB idea!!!

    I know for a fact that I have around 2-3 deoderants, few bottles of shower gel, moisturisers etc etc...really need to sort it all out and use up what I've got - this thread has given me the push to do it!!

    I don't know how many times I've ordered the shopping -only to find we already have 3 or 4 of the same item, pushed to the back of a cupboard!! How mad is that???

    Will do a 'stock take' over the weekend and post again on Sunday re: what I find!!:T
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  • bonvonnie
    bonvonnie Posts: 536 Forumite
    i read this thread yesterday, and its been on my mind since. everywhere i look, i see loadsa and loads of things from food to toiletries.

    i could be 'using up' for the next 2-3months i think, for food, maybe the next year for toiletries. so many BOGOF shampoos and shower gels!!!

    decided that I'm not going to get my groceries delivered this month, and i can go and pick up the fresh meat and veg.
  • sashacat
    sashacat Posts: 821 Forumite
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    February was always known as "the hungry month" because there were few fresh fruit and vegetables available ( when people grew their own that is). I still grow all my fruit and veg ( except oranges and bananas) and this is the month when the allotment is bare. So I am eating entirely from my freezer ( I am veggie so that helps). I never buy shampoo etc as it seems to multiply of its own accord in my bathroom. So I am using up baking stuff, sugar (making seville orange marmalade), pasta, rice and stuff like that. It's a brilliant idea, saves money, saves time shopping, and saves us wasting stuff because ,I for one would eventually through a lot of it out.
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  • SueRob_2
    SueRob_2 Posts: 153 Forumite
    I've been following this thread & decided to check out my freezer & cupboards, I've made a menu list & all I'm buying this week is milk, bread & fruit, the rest of the H/K is going in the bank.
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  • Ticklemouse
    Ticklemouse Posts: 5,030 Forumite
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    Funnily enough - I'm running out of shower gel (freebie with mag over 1 year ago - never buy it normally) so may have to investigate the 3 for £1 mags board. That's Ok, isn't it? :D If there's nothing doing, I shall use soap like I used to :D:D
  • HOLsale
    HOLsale Posts: 1,231 Forumite
    Funnily enough - I'm running out of shower gel (freebie with mag over 1 year ago - never buy it normally) so may have to investigate the 3 for £1 mags board. That's Ok, isn't it? :D If there's nothing doing, I shall use soap like I used to :D:D

    maybe someone from here will send you some :rotfl:

    i actually couldn't believe it yesterday, went to make pea and ham soup and barely had any peas :eek: that just NEVER happens in my house!

    so i used what i had and will actually have to buy more but still need to use up my other pulses

    i buy mine from the local ethnic grocer so i always get 2kg bags of everything so when i say i need to use it up i have plenty to use up, still i've been wanting to get more adventurous with pulses so this may be the motivation i need to start using them in new and hopefully wonderful ways
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  • catznine
    catznine Posts: 3,192 Forumite
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    What a great thread! Just what I needed to get me to brave the back of my cupboards! :eek:
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  • So far I've found 8 opened bottles of shampoo/cond in the bathroom and 2 small ones in washbags. I've also had to throw out half a bottle of (it shames me to say this!) Estee lauder White Linen body lotion I 'saved' for special occasions. It had gone off and smelt foul - serves me right for not USING IT UP!!!
    I also found an unopened bottle of Comfort Forme (remember that?) - It must have moved house with us 2 years ago!!

    On a better note I found a block of cooking dates at the back of the pantry, so I shall be forced to make sticky toffee pudding - what a shame!! :rotfl: :rotfl:
  • Ticklemouse
    Ticklemouse Posts: 5,030 Forumite
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    Hey - I can better that.

    Now, most of us know that cosmetics ie shampoos, creams etc normally have an unopened shelf life of 2 years (If you didn't you know now) Iwent through my mum's cupboardsone day and counted......over 20 face creams alone. .... including a jar I'm assuming she was given by or got from my late grandma's house. She died in '96!! She STILL buys BOGOF's - so she has some in!! In fact I found a jar of fce cream that looked like it date form about 1982 - used!! I MADE her bin it :rotfl:

    My mum would be an ideal candidate for this challenge. Trouble is, she won't!
  • Hey,

    Excellent idea - I always, always want to keep EVERYTHING for good - my mum bought me Molton Brown for Christmas and that will be last to be used up as it looks so pretty!

    However, you're right, things go off and its now time to use up all those cosmetics.

    Also bought loads of sunflower seeds, millet and other yukky stuff during a Gillian McKeith phase - time to do something adventurous with it methinks!

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