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February is 'use up' month



  • BWZN93
    BWZN93 Posts: 2,182 Forumite
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    Count me in...

    Ive got cupboards full of stuff but never anything to eat, so I really need to start using up the random cupboard stocks and freezer stocks and bathroom stocks. Ive got loads of body lotion bottles and sachets of shampoo's etc that ive collected from magazines but never get used, and freebie stuff I havent tried yet.

    Im going to see how much I can use and how little I can spend starting today until I next get paid on the 19th. Im hoping £20 will do the food!

    Jo xx
  • Ooww excellent idea, was trying to work out a way to eek my money out this month. This will help greatly!
  • CharleneUK
    CharleneUK Posts: 3,206 Forumite
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    Great idea! The amount of shampoo/conditioners half empty are silly, and have lots of sauces and packets of seasonings to use up too.
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  • well i went throught the cupboards and boxes under the bed which were full of stuff from when we moved in in december :eek:

    have found 18 yes 18 bottles of shampoo.. the vo5 color defy which is down to it being on bogof recently!!!

    12 bottles of bath foam also another bogof item i bulked

    5 toothpastes yes bogof again

    4 mouthwashes yes... bogof

    lots of lil samples ect

    oh and dont get me started on deodrant i tend to get one and lose it so i have found like 8 down the back of the chest of drawers!!!

    so no toiletries for the next decade!!!!!

    also sorted through the freezer and food cupboards worked out enough to feed us for 2 months!!! (2 adults and a cat)

    so ill start with feb and maybe get through to march too

    fingers crossed

    all we intend to buy is
    sandwich meats

    good luck everyone x

    If you do a job well, people won't be sure you've done anything at all :rolleyes:

    Must claim back bank charges!!!:rolleyes:
  • On the back of newish lotions and potions and cosmetics there is a little 'open jar' symbol with a number beside it. Am I right in assuming that this is the number of months the product is OK to use AFTER it has been opened. If so, I assume this is after the recent campaign about stuff having a 'shelf life'. I shall have to get used to marking the date on things with a permanent marker when I open them!!
  • LOL usthecat I`m sitting here holding my sides laughing. Comeon everyone, how many of us hoarders are there? You were plucky enough to count yours usthecat but I daren`t. I honestly think I`ve got enough for a decade as well and not just lotions and potions. There is the 10 bags of bogof bread flour, 16 cans of bogof beans, not to count the boxes and boxes of easy yo yoghurts I got at a special price

    Trouble is I have just fed the cat next door and I have come back from a pristine minimalistic house and it hasn`t done my psyche any good. I keep saying that my house is homely and it is. Now where can I hide the 4 double packs of bogof kitchen rolls!!
  • i've got the same problems, 12 rolls of kitchen roll, 34 toilet rolls, 23 shower gels, 9 toothpastes, although i've very little shampoo and conditioner in (only 2 of each!!!), have 8 bottles of sun tan lotion, enough bodyform towels to last me til the menopause cos of the vouchers offer (42 packs at last count!!!) plus a box about a foot square of samples which i lob in when ever i get any, thinking they'll be great for going away then forgetting to take them. this doesnt cover the basket full of make up and nail varnishes which i daren't count.
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  • Spendless
    Spendless Posts: 24,136 Forumite
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    count me in too. I've just spotted 4 bottles of opened handwash in our bathroom:eek:
  • metherer
    metherer Posts: 560 Forumite

    Count me in too.

    Tomorrow I'm starting my spring clean (yes, I know we haven't had winter yet) so I'm thinking (shock horror) that this would be the right time to have a stock take.

    I shouldn't be doing too badly, but I'm bound to find a box of stuff I'd forgotten about.

    I'm also going to try and use up all my cleaning stuff, so I can restock with a pared down list (vinegar, lemon, bicarb, you get the picture.)

    Not saying I'll succeed, but if i don't try then I'm bound to fail.

    Not heavily in debt, but still trying to sort things out.
    Baby due July 2018.
  • nearlyrich
    nearlyrich Posts: 13,698 Forumite
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    I can't laugh because my hoarding habit is just the same as the rest of you!

    I am not ashamed of the BOGOF savings to be honest it's only stuff I would buy anyway but I have stopped picking up samples etc because I have loads of them. In my favour I do use them because I travel a lot for work but I will be using them up for ages.

    I tidied my food cupboard a few weeks ago and made a list of the contents, they included 16 9 (I think) tins of tomatoes, I have used most of them.
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