February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Mmm that sounds yummy!

    I spent another £1.50 on veg for tomorrows roast and £1.50 on milk, hoping that tomorrow will be a nsd where groceries are concerned.
    Will get some faggots on monday if they are still on offer :D
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    Hello, I'm just updating my sig after spending £30.00 on shopping this week, and that's without coffee lol.
    Got a largish piece of beef from Asda for about £11.00. It's cheaper to buy it that way -£5 a kilo, then when I got it home I sliced it into 5 very small joints, enough for us two anyway.
    Also the salmon pieces were a £1.00 each so I got 8. They are now in the freezer, 2 in each bag.
    We made a beautiful salmon en croute the other day, with some of the Jus-rol puff pastry, salmon and some cheese sauce.
    Also a small shoulder of lamb which will do us for Sunday and Monday.
    Bread, milk and some veg took the rest of the money but I think we've done quite well this week.
  • Hello! £45 spent in Mr T and Mr S, going to do roast pork tomorrow with hm apple sauce yum yum! I plan to go to our organic butcher this week, they are doing a special offer on a meat box (£15 off rrp) i thought it would be a good time to try them out, we've decided less meat but higher quality, so hopefully won't effect our GC! Hope everyone is ok xx
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    A couple of NSDs for me & should be tomorrow too.

    Tomorrow am planning a baking day with DD. We haven’t tried Twinks hobnobs yet, so will do some of them. And also some HM Jammie Dodger type biscuits. We live quite near Tiptree & have loads of their jam from a trip to the factory shop last year. Also some savories like quiche & cheese scones.

    On Monday will need to get some more milk, eggs & butter. And also some more Frubes. Bought a pack of 9 at £1 on Thursday & DD has eaten them all already!!

    Not much left in the budget but after that should just need more milk. DD is going to her Dad’s for half term & I will just make do that week.
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    Thanks Tracey.32 for the link. I've got some potatoes and bacon to use up. Cooked up a lovely brisket today in the oven and did some batch cooking of Twinks hobnobs (already gone) and quiche as daughter is vegetarian. Sent daughter down the road for some more margarine and came back with a small tub for around 60p. So total spend £123.45 leaving £226.55 for the month.
  • Expensive day today:

    £53.38 at Asda on the weekly shop (still forgot the milk!!)
    £41.50 on petrol

    Petrol will last me about 6 weeks as I don't do much mileage.
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    Another NSD for me today as took DD2 to sign up for her college course(she is thrilled and cant wait till September),so I decluttered the rest of the corned beef hash into a pie,it was nice but will drain the veg out of the gravy more next time IFYSWIM.

    NSD tomorrow as well, having shepherds pie with the mince I bought earlier in the week and I have carrots and sprouts in the fridge already.
    Just need to get a sack of potatoes asap as it works out so much cheaper for us,will add that on when I can get to the farm, more snow forcast for tomorrow night
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    thought today would be a no spend day but forgot about the pub quiz I was meant to be going to and ended up going into town to take a library book back and get some food bits which I didnt get as I popped into the charity shop only to pick up several dozen mags which were vey heavy!

    ended up going to my local costcutter but their prices actuall compare really well with the supermarket. coop flora £1.58. costcutter flora £1.28. jar of nescafe 200g only 2.99 plus a few other bargains.

    fridge well stocked from the bargains available in somerfield (half price pork loin steaks, finest steak on offer etc) so plenty of food to keep me going for the coming week :j

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    dumpling wrote: »
    Faggoty Pea Stew

    You will need:
    1 pack of faggots (we used Brains 4 for a £1 on offer in Morrisons this week)
    2 tins of processed peas (13p each in Tescos)
    a third of a bag of potatoes (about 40p worth) and
    some gravy granules.

    Silly question from a silly foreigner: What are faggots? :confused:
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    Faggots are large pork and offal meatballs:


    Mr Brain's were a childhood favourite for me & are more meatbally & less like haggis, which a traditional faggot is more like. If you want to make your own:


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