February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • saffourisaffouri Forumite
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    I'll declare at £189.52 for February thanks. That's £14.52 over budget, but on the other hand I added in £20 spent on wine last year that was originally meant to be Christmas presents, but then which we kept after our family all agreed to keep Christmas gift spending down to £10 for each person. So the con side is that I needed to add that £20 back in somewhere to keep ourselves honest ;) - the plus side is that we've been getting to drink more nice wine ourselves!

    Over to March then....

    March GC: £147.75/£180 groceries + £36.75/£50 meals out

    February: £163.19/£180 + £66.14/£50 monthly budget for eating out Total £229.33/£230 :j
    January: £170.01/£170
  • PurpleSkiesPurpleSkies Forumite
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    I can actually declare Feb now because I've found my last receipt! :)

    £40.72. So over (again!) but only by a few pence (again!). Although this does mean I need to start being a bit more strict with my meal planning and spending because I've not really been keeping an eye on things recently. Will aim to do better in April as I'm already at my target for March! Oh dear!
  • kookgekjekookgekje Forumite
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    I would like to declare February at £311.71. A bit over budget because even though I kept my receipts, I did not really keep track of the spending until about 2 days ago (when it was too late). Must do better next month. Have already started meal planning. All I need to do now is stick to it...
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    Feb'11 - GC: £105.89/£125 - NSD: 15:j
    Mar'11 GC: £3.84/£100 - NSD: 0
  • mrssnowy_2mrssnowy_2 Forumite
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    Hi all,haven't been on for ages.

    Really lost the lot(and plot) this month,and been shopping with DMum who wanted to buy ALL my shopping in Sainsbugs-we did share a little trolley :o Bought a white loaf for DH-who turned his nose up cos'it wasn't as good as mine:D
    Up till then had kept a close eye on things,lots of storecupboard and freezer,plenty of soups.No frills or folderols.

    DD2 and DGS were with us for a week,that really was a big spanner:rotfl:

    Declaring at £200 please for Feb,£180 for March GC .
    Thank you
    Will be back again,hope you are all doing OK

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  • procrastinatorprocrastinator Forumite
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    Finished Feb 20.00 under budget. Very pleased. Having trouble keeping up, off to March now.
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    11st 5lb as at 20.04.09 11st 7lbs 040509 11st6 010609 I wish 2016 175 lbs.
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  • pinknfluffypinknfluffy Forumite
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    will declare at 356.92 just a bit over, but was away for last week of Feb so failed again. Never mind I was spending £550.00 - 600.00 a month this time last year so not too bad.
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  • jessie18jessie18 Forumite
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    Hi everyone, i would like to declare £216.51 as my February budget. I lost the plot a little mid month, but nearly managed to get there:( only £16.51 over so not too bad. Best of luck for next month to you all x
    Sealed Pot Challenge no. 092
  • bexxie90bexxie90 Forumite
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    Dont know if applicable here but found it a fab buy!

    in Tesco today they are selling 2 bottles of Fairy for £2 which have a £2 off fairy dishwasher tablets,well these are £3.39 down from £6.39 so you pay £1.39 for your tablets and £1 for your washing up liquid,I did two in one transaction and had a third MOC from another bottle my toddler had chucked in with shopping and they took that £2 off too.

    Thought this may help someone?

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  • Did a decent shop in Iceland on Monday and spent £51. They have C & B baked beans-4pack for £1, sugar 75p per kilo, milk £1 for 4 pints,whiskas 6 pack for £3(I think)Kingsmill 2 loaves for £1.50.
    Tues Wed and Thur have been NSDs apart from car service and MOT not in grocery budget.
    Ive worked it out this month that I can spend £17.85 per day to stay in budget so Ive got £20 over at the moment!
    Dd wants to go to a dance class tomorrow night so I will end up wandering around the shops for 2 hours while she is there Im guessing so I may well have a big spend but as Im going away with her for a week on 14th and leaving 3 people at home I need to do a decent shop for them anyway and end of next week all I really want to do is a little topup shop. That will be a cheap week as I doubt any of those left behind will go and buy anything whatsoever and my break will be from a different budget.
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
  • angelatgraceland - presume you meant to post this on the Feb 10 challenge?!

    Long tall sally
    Grocery aim £450pm.Spent £519 August, £584 July, £544 June, £541 May, £549 April, £517 March, £517 Feb,£555 Jan, £573 Dec, £465Nov, £561Oct, £493Sept, £426Aug,£496 Jul, £528Jun, £506May,£498April, £558 March, £500Feb, £500 Jan, £490 Dec, £555 Nov,£566 Oct, £505Sept, £450Aug, £410 July, £437 June, £491 May, £471 April, £440 March, £552Feb, £462Jan
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