February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Oh grief, I've done it again! Another £20.40p off my budget this month:eek: Not alot left in the kitty now and somehow I just can't see me making it this month. I was soooo close last month but we still have another 3 weeks to go. However, I have got quite alot in the freezer and a good few other stocks.

    I'm so impressed with my new butcher -only my 2nd visit and I came out with a large piece of brisket and 4 pieces of Oxtail for £8. I then cheekily asked if he knew anywhere where I could buy sausage casings, as I wanted to make my own sausages and he said 'Oh I can let you have some of that' and preceded to supply me with yards of the stuff for £2 -I was thrilled! Nipped into MrL then for Celeraic, Swede, Carrots, Bananas, Garlic, Eggs, Cheese, T Bags, T Rolls, Bread Flour, Yeast, Oats.......and a bag of prawn crackers reduced to 39p:o (naughty treat).

    I've got a nice piece of Pork Shoulder with Veggies in my slo-cooker for dinner tonight and we'll follow that with a HM Apple Crumble and custard. Think we may also try some of our home-brewed Crab Apple Wine. Never made this before and have no idea what it will taste like, but I have heard it referred to as 'glider fuel' -so that should be an interesting experience:rotfl:

    Hope everyone is warm and well -better update my signature now.
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    Ended up in morissons this morning and spent £41 :mad: (i only had £27 left from my budget)and still forgot sea salt :confused: got more cat food and bread,milk etc etc also got a stew pack so will be making some soup next week at some point. Am going to have to stay away from the shops as much as possible next week (i dont really need anything exept salt) and really must do a menu plan for next week so will be doing that tomorrow.

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    Can u add me in for this month please??

    Mrs M please put me down for £300

    Mrs Gibbs x
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    Please put me down for £180 for the 4 weeks in February.

    many thanks

    Fiona x
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    Hi Everyone,

    Not read all posts I'm afraid - just can't keep up, lol!

    I'm getting close to my budget but still hopeful that I'll come in under. Spent almost £20 extra this week on 1st birthday party for DGS. DD has such a tiny house she can't fit many people in so offered to have a little tea party here (I'm such a softie!!!) for him. Was lovely tho and all had good time :D

    Planning to make chicken pie tomorrow and lots of baking.

    Got enough food for meals and lunches so Should only need milk next week.

    But then it's half term so have to try an occupy the kids so they don't spend too much time in the fridge :D
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    Hiya All
    Second shop of the montha nd am under budget and with a million meals already made and in freezer i am hoping to save quite a bit in the next couple of weeks so should have plently to save towards my big hol next year.

    Huggies at Mr A were on offer today at £7 for a box (usual offer 2 for £18) so i stocked up.

    Anyway goodluck to all and please keep posting recipes, made a lovely sausage casserole which someone had posted earlier, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the family especially my 18month old

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    fatcattaff wrote: »
    I know I'm a bit late with this (haven't updated my sig for a while...just off to check my receipts/bank balance) but have you tried Sainsbury's Gold Roast? It's about half the price of Kenco and the likes and tastes very similar imo. And I lurve my coffee. Hope this helps.[/quote

    Have to agree with this my OH is a big coffee lover. He usually drinks nescafe but told him it was too expensive and swapped to this. He loves it;).

    Another nsd for me. I've been busy trying to plan my next shop to make sure i stay in budget this month:rolleyes:. Easier said than done.
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    Unplanned shopping trip today :rolleyes: kids are full of the cold so had to stock up on calpol and cough syrup today, also fancied a bottle of wine and got some bagels BOGOF and philadelphia to go with them ;), also some fresh fruit, toothpaste (as dd2 squeezed half of it down the sink the other day :mad:) and milk. so £17.29 spent today.

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    Hello all,
    Just reporting my spends for past fortnight. We've had two meals out over the past fortnight which isn't included in our grocery budget but nevertheless have spent quite a bit on food shopping. I generally do most of my shopping at local town centre as we have a couple of very good greengrocers and butchers and Home Bargains is fab for toiletries, cleaning supplies and some food items. However I needed tinned tomatoes so last week went for once my occasional trip to Aldi and spent £38 on a trolley full. Overall over the past two weeks we've spent £70- have to say I thought it would be more- was quite relieved when I added it up:rotfl: .
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    Hi all, just wanted to share a very cheap and filling recipe -we had it for tea and it was yummy !:D

    Faggoty Pea Stew

    You will need:
    1 pack of faggots (we used Brains 4 for a £1 on offer in Morrisons this week)
    2 tins of processed peas (13p each in Tescos)
    a third of a bag of potatoes (about 40p worth) and
    some gravy granules.

    This couldn't be easier, in a large pan put the faggots (don't even have to defrost them first!) the peas and the peeled chopped potatoes. Add enough boiling water to cover, bring to the boil and then simmer for 20 minutes until the potatoes are cooked. Stir well to break up the faggots and thicken to taste with the gravy granules.

    I promise that this is absolutely delicious and perfect for this time of year. We usually have a loaf of bread fresh from the breadmaker to mop up all the lovely gravy! :D

    You can add extras if you want, carrots and onions are nice with it but honestly, it's lovely as it is. This makes enough for 2 greedy adults and 3 kids with enough for seconds too and it costs around £2 for the whole lot. :T :T :T
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