February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    good luck with potty training our boyi is just 3 but not had a glimmer in that direction...cant wait to say tata to nappies....on gc front i have put a base of veg in stock in sc and plonked whole chicken on top and put it to cook....never done it before but hopefully it will be nice....im going to make a pie with left overs for lunch tomorrow.....have a great day tess
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  • Please can I have the recipe for bacon and potato salad and Suffolk rusks.
    Thanks for the Bakewell Tart recipe. It's my husband's favourite.

    Hey Rachel - I'm hoping this will work as I've never added a link before! :rolleyes: This should link you to the recipe for the bacon and potato salad in the online Mr T mag:


    Let me know if it doesn't work.

    First time I have frozen peppers today. Saw some ready done in FFoods but they were chopped too small for our taste - we like CHUNKY veg!! And peppers are so expensive just now so I didn't want to waste them.

    Had a few flakes outside just now - hope it stays off as I am going out tonight. Well, 3 o'clock actually :eek: Gosh, I am too old for all-day drinking :eek: and honestly I hardly EVER go out!:beer:
    Having tea out too, but that will come out of a different budget :D

    Stay warm today everyone :hello:
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    morning all,

    spent £28 yesterday in MrT, and have to still get some milk and eggs today, but we've got all our basic meal ingrediants so i'm happy with that.

    Welcome to all the newbies, hope you are having a look at the recipe threads one the first page!

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  • Decided to postpone my NSD until tomorrow. I am going to Lidl soon to get hotdog sausages, waffles, chocolate and bread then to the greengorcers for my fruit & veg. I made some soup last night with veg that needed to be used. It was the first time I had made a soup without a recipe. It tastes nice so will be having a bowl at lunch. I used up the rest of the limp veg making veg stock which is now in the freezer.

    It's OH's birthday tomorrow so I will be attempting to bake a victoria sponge tomorrow. I have to bake some more cookies for the week ahead. They never last all week so will probaly have to bake again on Wednesday.
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    As Mr A has cancelled my delivery twice this week, and the last main food was bought on the 23rd Jan, I was getting worried about what we had, but my Dad has a 4 x 4 and he managed to pick me up and take me to Mr T for some shopping. But as I was in the middle of a rugby scrum, (well it felt like that), the place was packed. I managed to spend £73.68 as I didnt keep to a shopping list! Eek,
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  • Miss-spent wrote: »
    Hi, all these recipes sound lovely
    This weeks grocery spend is £41.32 plus another £10 for an electric toothbrush as the old one died and the dentist said I must use one. Not sure if that counts as groceries?
    First time this week no 'me' money. Did spend £60 on a filling (thats over £200 at the dentist this year) but can claim this back on insurance.
    New Dishwasher coming tomorrow (done without since before Christmas).
    It seems each week this year has brought considerable big spends.

    Dishwasher came at 7.45 am but had a large dent in the side which wasn't there when I bought it so back it went. You would not believe the trouble I have had trying to buy a Bosch dishwasher. This is the 3rd separate order.
    Back to the shop, got a refund, on to next shop to try yet again and had to get a more expenxsive model.

    To cheer us up went for coffee and cake (£5.40) and bought some ingredients for the delicious Bakewell tart recipe on this thread.
  • Had a few nsds due to the weather so not posted lately. So many posts too read so Im afraid Ive had to skip them. So far this month have only spent £37.01 from the grocery budget and £18 of that was petrol. Ive been trapped in by the snow and lost work as the hills around here are "non-negotiable" unless you want to "join the pile" of abandoned or damaged cars.
    Just sent my son off with shopping list and £25 but calculate shopping to be £18 approx. He is a good shopper so I've given him the freedonm to get a few bargains if he sees any and I'm sure he will find something tempting for himself but he will deserve it. Tempted to order from Asda but they won't get back up the hill if they get down. DH had to be picked up at the top in a 4x4 yesterday and he is on nights tonight-that will be fun! Trouble is-the High Street is clear as are lots of other places and they don't realise what its like just a mile up the hill! Now making some bread dough as I'm doubtful if DS will find reduced bread so I'm playing safe. Glad I have my stocks of everything as although I've sent him out-we could manage for a couple of weeks but without milk eggs and cheese. Just got to update sig now-and again later-after the spend.
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    Have realised £2 of my Sainsburys spend was towards a birthday present (different budget) thus I'm £2 better off.
    Today I intend to:
    • Meal plan, will try for the week
    • Do an inventry of the freezers & fridge
    • See if the contents can be rearranged to make some room
    • Make Goose stock
    • Make Jeruselum Artichoke soup
    • Find somewhere to store 9kg of pasta
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  • Yes :(. Even the cheapy mexican import from the £1 shop won't do :mad:

    I know I'm a bit late with this (haven't updated my sig for a while...just off to check my receipts/bank balance) but have you tried Sainsbury's Gold Roast? It's about half the price of Kenco and the likes and tastes very similar imo. And I lurve my coffee. Hope this helps.
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  • Darn it! Ds picked up the small tubs of Lurpack in Somerfield instead of the big ones on offer. Apparantly the big ones still marked at full price which is what threw him. I would have taken the big ones and told them at the till. Keeping receipt in the hope that if its not needed before Monday that I may be able to swap them. He did well tho and did get a small loaf for 49p of Warburtons which we like. As I didnt shop-there were no extras and bless him-he even offered to walk back a mile and get them changed but I just couldn't do that! After all-we can't win em all(tho I try). Somerfield is awful with their shelf labelling! No surprise they will soon be gone.
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