February 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Just on to update,managed to get to town and spent £6.04p on minced beef(shepherds pie for Sunday dinner) and root veg (for corned beef hash for tonights tea.
    £1.00 on crisps(poundland)
    £7.00 in MrTs but £4.00 of that was on 4 packs of Frubes ,on offer at the moment so 1 pack in fridge for next weeks packed lunches and 3 packs in freezer,(I have enough to last a month so that was a really good saving for us)

    I now have enough food to last till at least Monday
    Off to make some Twinks Hobnobs now I cant keep up with these,My children love them.

    So far I have spent £134.39p of our £500.00 BUDGET.
    Feeding 6 Adults 1 Teen a 8 year old with hollow legs and a very fussy 5 year old. Also 3 cats and 3 fishies
    To include all Food,Toiletries and Petfood.
  • I've finally done it - I've been to the Butcher's!!!!:j Just walked in and said Good morning and explained that I normally buy my meat from the Supermarket and the gentleman was very understanding. I bought 1lb of Lamb Mince as I'm planning to make Gordon Ramsay's Lamb Kebabs tomorrow night, I also bought 8 Rashers of ENGLISH Smoked Bacon (planning to only buy British after watching Jamie Saves our Bacon) and a piece of Beef Topside for the Freezer as I've already got a joint of Pork for this Sunday as I'm trying to use up all the Supermarket meat I still have in. Wasn't sure what size of Beef to ask for so just explained that I wanted enough for 4 Adults and 4 Children, will only be for 2 Adults and 2 Children but I want some for Leftovers. Anyway, that all came to £15.43, was a bit more than I expected but I think because of where they are we are paying London prices.

    I don't mind paying the extra if the flavour is better and I also feel happier about where the Meat comes from and that it's not been injected like the Supermarkets do.

    They also have a selection of Fruit & Veg there, bought some Parsnips which are bigger than anything I've seen in any Supermarket so all in all I'm quite pleased with what I got.;)

    MRSMC - the Leftover Corned Beef Hash that I turned into a Pie for DD1 was a huge hit and there was even a bit left which I had cold for Lunch today - OMG it was yummy, just like a Cornish Pasty so thanks very much for a recipe which was very MSE as it stretched so far.:D

    Dinner tonight HM chips, fish and mushy peas - have a good evening everyone.;)
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

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    Spent £8.67 on bits and pieces today, such as wine, nail files etc. The whole budgeting thing is taking a bit of getting used to, but I think Ishould be able to stay within my budget for the month - fingers crossed!
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    Just spent a bit in corner shop got milk,cordial,tea bags,pancake mix, will update later.
    Sealed Pot dec 08 - dec 09 so far £27.67, Live off £4k Spent £330.20 GC £1,200 for 2009 Spent £50.78 PaD so far £650.07
    Debts: L/woods £154.00 C/One PAID O/D £649.90 Next £299.95 O/D PAID Gas £72.60 Electric £155.73 Mum £640.00 Orange £490.32
  • Afternoon all

    Still haven't spent anything this week -but that will all change tomorrow :D .. off on the NAAFI whoopsy hunt again , then back via Aldi for my yoghurts, fruit n veg....

    Scotsaver -glad the corned beef hash is a hit :j its one our faves... and it gets better when its stood in the fridge and re-heated :p ... glad im not the only one who likes it cold too ;)

    Dinner tonight is potatoes n onions layered in the remoska with a couple of lamb oxos... then when I whip the foil off to crisp up the top ones Im putting bacon on top mmmmmmm with fresh HM bread :T .... another fave... No matter how many fancy things I make ..we always come back to the good old basics from my childhood :p

    Only a few more days and I can finally make a start on setting my veggie seeds :j -we DON'T have any snow :D

    hope everyone is having a great day...
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    Just popped into update. Have not manged to keep up with this thread at all as our internet connection has been non exsistant because of the weather. On Wednesday our Sainsburys delivery arrived, £91.39 of our budget gone, but many things will last us months, ketchup anyone (made the value upto £100 to get free delivery). The weather has saved me money as most of the playgroups/schools have been closed me and friends didn't meet up for our regular Thursday coffee & chat (we keep this as child free time). I haven't been in any shops all week.
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    Scotsaver, really glad it went well at the butchers :T . Spends are pretty on par with what my local butcher charges (maybe a little less here but not much). Nice that they do fruit and veg too, saves you going to 2 shops ;) . We're still getting through all the meat that I bought at the end of last month, in fact we've hardly scraped the surface ! lol We had some 'local' lamb last week and it was divine, really noticed the difference in flavour. It didn't last long though :o:D . Thank you for the PM too :beer:

    Having oxtail tomorrow (not sure what i'm going to do yet, but will be done in SC to ensure it's nice and tender). Will have a nose about later for a recipe.

    Mrs M ..... I'm going to try out your corned beef has recipe next week. Really looking forward to it but hubby not too keen (i'm sure he'll be converted though ;) ) Looking forward to starting off our seeds too although it's a tad cold here atm as you might have seen on the news :eek: . We've been 'discussing' where to grow DS atlantic giant pumpkin (he wants pumpkins :eek: but I've said one and one only ! )

    Mummyyof5 ..... I bought the frubes too ...... tis a really good offer atm ! My fridge is rather full of them lol

    Moniker ... leek and potato soup one of my favs ..... can't wait to make some more (once my potatoes and leeks have grown that is :D ).

    Right off to finish tea - chicken and mushroom pie tonight :drool:

    Have a great evening xxx
    :jWeight loss to date 1st 11.5lb :j
  • Baileys_BabeBaileys_Babe Forumite
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    I would like to make the famous corned beef hash but DP only eats locally reared & slaughtered happy meat. Any ideas what I use instead of corned beef?
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  • cw18 wrote: »
    Have you tried keeping a Nescafe jar, hiding an 'own label', and decanting when he declares he's run out ;) Worked a treat on tomato ketchup with my kids when they were little :rolleyes2

    Yes :(. Even the cheapy mexican import from the £1 shop won't do :mad:
  • nmlcnmlc Forumite
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    "nmlc, don't worry too much, I'm on £100 for the month, I haven't spent a penny and still my budget is down to £70 already ..... in my case it is the rest of the family raiding the envelope! Just take very careful note of what you are spending the money on, then next month you can work a little closer to the budget. It gets easier as time goes by, honestly. In time it even gets to be automatic, though we all fall off every now and again - unless you are NYK or Weezl or Mrs Mac!!"
    Hi everyone, thanks for the support, after the realisation of the amount of money I've spent, this afternoon I've done some baking, I've made a Bakewell tart (OH's favourite), 12 large muffins, and some mince pies. I now feel happier that the cupboards are not so bare - once you start watching what you spend you soon see how much all the processed/ready made stuff costs!
    Have a good evening everyone, stay safe.
    Love nmlc
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