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The £2.00 Coin Savers Club

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  • Thanks for the info on savings tins lil_me.

    Don't have a pound shop in town but will give a good excuse to go to next town and stock up. You never know might be lucky and get some £2's in change!! :D

    £2 savers seem to be very ingenious in finding ways to get hold of the lil'darlin's!! Carry on with the great tips please, I love reading them. :beer:
    Trying to stay on the wagon with a FlyLady Daily Fix :j:j:j

  • kazzawkazzaw Forumite
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    Some of my babies have flown the nest!!

    Saved £800 of the little darlings & I've had to let some of them go to pay towards having the front garden block-paved!!

    Anyway the paving looks lovely & we couldn't have afforded it without my £2 coin savings. We've been living with a mudbath outside for the last 3 winters!

    Got off to another good start for 2007 holiday savings.

    Well done everyone. :T
    :j New Year, New You = 1.5lb/12lb:j
  • yeh id like to join too ive been on the board for a bit and have learned loads since .so i started saving 2.00 a week since jan and ive got 12.00 up to now ,also ive given up smoking and i havent had a cig for 2 weeks so thats 70.00 saved there already

    12.00 saved 2.00 club
    70.00 saved no smoking 2 weeks so far lol
  • kiwi88_2kiwi88_2 Forumite
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    kazzaw wrote:
    Some of my babies have flown the nest!!

    Saved £800 of the little darlings & I've had to let some of them go to pay towards having the front garden block-paved!!

    Well done everyone. :T

    :rotfl: So that's where they were hiding :rotfl:
    MFiT Member No 85
    :money: Martin says NO :money:
  • Can i join please, i have 4 of them just lying around!
    :heart: I love my gorgeous little girl :heart:
  • slowlyfadingslowlyfading Forumite
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    got another one today :T in my change from the cinema!
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  • piglet6piglet6 Forumite
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    Four more over the last few days...yippee!! :j :D

  • bizzylizzybizzylizzy Forumite
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    I would like to join, so far I have £12 saved in a pot (that only I know about!!). I am hoping that I can save a lot but may have to spend them if things get too tight.
    I have only saved 1ps and 2ps so far and have just counted the latest batch £30!! Sadly going towards the gas bill!
  • can i join this thread too, did start on another but cant find it at the monent will turn up at some point soon so far i have £10 yay me
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  • EagerLearnerEagerLearner Forumite
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    Ooooh I love a challenge!

    I gave up smoking on Monday so from now on when I get my change at the shops I'll ask for it in £2 coins instead of saying "20 Mayfair please"

    By the way does anyone have any ideas how to make a DIY money box?

    I love those Terramundi but they are too pricey for me ;-)

    I have a pink moneybox on ebay now cheap as all my family know how much I am into savings I got another one for xmas! search for 'pink money tin' or 'pink piggy bank'. It says Sex Kitten so as long as you don't mind that :D
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