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The £2.00 Coin Savers Club

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  • slowlyfadingslowlyfading Forumite
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    One more in change today. The collecting tins sound a good idea, would stop me raiding it when I got short of money!

    They're great coz you can't get in them. I'm always spending otherwise. I got it offline - it only cost me £2.50 so I thought it was a good investment :)

    nicola x
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  • winkle1winkle1 Forumite
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    banked £60 worth the other day and got another £20 in my tin.

    thanks for this idea, its fab!

    Reclaimed my bank charges - got £250 back from HSBC and £88 from First Direct :)
  • MartialArtManMartialArtMan Forumite
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    I started saving in Sept 06 and have about £146 now. I now know what I'm saving for and need at least £100 more. I've started asking for them in my change, if I see someone with one I'll ask to swop it for change, when I win on lottery scratch cards I always get my winnings in £2 coins. Oh and I moan when I get all £1 coins in my change and no £2 coins grrr!

    It's actually quite good fun. Today I got one by giving a friend something that saved him quite a lot of money. He was very grateful and offered me a meal voucher for work but I rarely eat at work so declined it. He said if theres anything he can do for me then he owes me one, so I said well if you got a £2 coin that'd make my day and low and behold he had one!!!

    I'm addicted I tell ya!
  • NobleckNobleck Forumite
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    I think it's great saving £2 coins, but they are hard to come by, the reason for this , is that the £2 savers club members have taken them all out of circulation :D
  • lil_melil_me Forumite
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    The tins are usually available in the £1 shops. I managed to get 2 sizes last time, one which is about the same size as those large dog food cans, and one that's even bigger. Smaller ones for £2 coins, big ones for my silver and £1 coins. Great as I can't break into them without a tin opener, have tried to weigh them in the past when I got curious but always estimate the weight of the tin wrong. My last one was only the size of a baked bean tin and fit over £300 in £2s in there :) I was over the moon.

    The pots can either be recycled or used for pen pots etc if you get the bigger ones, I have 3 old ones as pen pots. Neice wants the current one as it's pink with Pooh bear etc on it.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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  • keziakezia Forumite
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    This has been a great challenge for me. I managed £220 for christmas and now have started again and have got £50 since the begining of the year! My DH and I save every single one.
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  • comping_catcomping_cat Forumite
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    Ive got an old whisky bottle (from the pub!!!) that i put my £2 in - just about to pay £40 into the bank, try and earn a little interest while im saving!!!! Dont pay in regularly, but when i have a few!!!!
  • JayneCJayneC Forumite
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    i've been saving £2 coins for a few months now but hadn't joined the club - I've been more of a lurker than a poster but getting braver now :D

    I've been using the proceeds towards my credit card debt. I have a DD set up for min payment but any extra such as £2 coins, and other small change - 1p, 2p, 5p + mystery shopping, quidco, etc I'll make extra payments with. I've found that i normally have at least 1 bag of £2s each month sometimes 2:j

    It all helps.

    I'm gonna join your club now and have £16 in a little pringles tube at the minute!! (As i bank them each month don't need a big piggy!)

    Jayne x
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  • kiwi88_2kiwi88_2 Forumite
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    Another 2 for me as I've just exchanged my DD's pocket money :rotfl: Noticed she was carrying 2 of them around the shops so we negotiated :rotfl:
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