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The £2.00 Coin Savers Club

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  • CallistoCallisto Forumite
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    Got another three yesterday. Helped my Mum out at her job for a couple of hours and there were seven £2 coins in the till, but could only afford to swap two, then got another one from OH in the evening.

    It's time to bank them this week, so I can release some back into the wild for all collectors in the West Midlands!

  • wigglywiggly Forumite
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    well I had saved £80 but we went for a meal so its £24 again (though we did say the £2 piggy was for meals :))
    Trying to get on top of finances one step at a time
  • mopheadmophead Forumite
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    Oh bloomin heck just been given 4 x £2 coins with my change from tesco thats going to make a dent in my weekly budget. Oh well i can always take em back if need be.
  • muppetsmuppets Forumite
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    I just joined the £2 Savers club,I only got £2 so fa, but it'sa start.
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  • mummytummymummytummy Forumite
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    :j Another one for me today:j
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  • kiwi88_2kiwi88_2 Forumite
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    Another one for me found at the bottom of my karate bag. They seem to be like buses for me :rotfl:
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  • can i join please.... i haven't got any at the mo but i'm sure they'll start rolling in soon......
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  • Ooooh I love a challenge!

    I gave up smoking on Monday so from now on when I get my change at the shops I'll ask for it in £2 coins instead of saying "20 Mayfair please"

    By the way does anyone have any ideas how to make a DIY money box?

    I love those Terramundi but they are too pricey for me ;-)
  • Hi all.
    I've seen all the little bits at the bottom of all the post, like "£2 savers club - £48.00 so far" etc, but didn't know what it was all about or where to look to find out!!! Confused?? Me too!!
    Now I've found it!!!!!
    Fantastic idea - just checked my purse.... one £2.00 coin saved already - now just gotta get a moneybox to put them in!!!
  • KitleoKitleo Forumite
    152 posts
    :T Got one in my change when I bought some stamps .... Think the Post Office collects so many they have to release them slowly????? :T
    Official : £2 Saver #067/DFW Nerd Club Member #277/Sealed Pot Challenge #535
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