my full management estate agent do not pay my rent

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please help ,
i am the landlord and anegt recieve the money from tenant but don't pay it to me. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: i keep calling them but they either do not anser the phone and mobile or telling me that they pay the rent but they don't ( just pack of lies)
it is 3 months that they dont pay my money and i keep ring them but no answer!!!!

what do i need to do to get my money

any legal or unformal advice ????


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    Just to clarify - the letting agent has collected rent from your tenant but has not passed it onto you, the landlord, in three months?

    Could you set up a meeting with the agent to discuss the issue? Is the agent regulated, eg RICS, NAEA? Are you sure the tenant has actually paid the rent? If so, do you really want to continue to pay this agent when they obviously aren't very efficient?
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    Does the agent have an office where you can go and see them? How did you find the agent, do you have an agreement with an registered address?

    I would contact the tenant and ask them to pay you directly from now onwards. Then write to the agent and advise them you will take legal action if they do not forward the money owed.
  • yes, the agent confirm that the tenant has paid and when i calling them 10 tnies a day there is either no reply or if a am lucky let just say that pay money nest day and that never happened

    i have left several message that i will end the contract and they just do not care

    it is registered office and website , just keep away from them

    rentapad letting agent in manchester:eek: :eek: :eek:

    the last rent is due tomorrow and i asked the tenant if he can stop the transaction
    i don't know what to do next
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    Id write a letter send it special delivery and give them 7 days to pay you the outstanding monies or you will file a claim in the courts. Its reasonablly easy to do through Dont bother ringing them anymore.
    May 2013 new beginnings:j
  • rentapad! the name says it all really.
  • BrixMorta wrote: »
    rentapad! the name says it all really.

    thank you all for advice.
    hope i can get my money back rentapad is not a member of any association.
    just keep away from rentapad
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    Just out of interest, what made you go with this letting agent as opposed to one of the more well known and established ones?
  • hi , before this agent i worked with reedsrain and i though i could get better service and 3 houses around mine let by this agent in 3 weeks and i was in hurry so i asked them to let , and they found the tenant in 5 days and good communication till they get the tennant but i never knew this would happen
  • I also have a property rented with them...

    They never pay me my rent, ignore my calls and are complete liars!

    Anyone who lives in Manchester - stay away from them!

    If ever there was a need to do an expose on dodgy property companies, Rentapad would be top of the pile!:mad:
  • socratessocrates Forumite
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    Troll alert me thinks!
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