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Using up fresh fruit



  • Burlesque_Babe
    Burlesque_Babe Posts: 17,547 Forumite
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    well, scrap Plan A...............:rolleyes:

    Whilst MSE'ing and replying to some posts (it's always MSE's fault when I have a kitchen crisis!) the sugar in the dates made it not 'burnt' but getting that way with it stuck to the bottom of the pan, so I dumped the apple/date/sharon fruit mix and I've now got big chunks of banana, bit of sugar, dates and loads of mincemeat (made a sudden appearance between the lentils and the butter beans!) cooking. Think I'll turn it off in a minute so the bananas don't disappear. It is a bit liquidy so might freeze it and then heat back up in the summer for a hot icecream sauce :D
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  • Penelope_Penguin
    Penelope_Penguin Posts: 17,288 Forumite
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    I'll add this to the existing thread on using fresh fruit, to keep suggestions together ;)

    Penny. x
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  • Petlamb
    Petlamb Posts: 922 Forumite
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    Heya everyone, hope you're all having a good Wednesday (and it's less grey and rainy than it is out my window!)

    So, I have a fruitbowl downstairs, and in it are three fairly big clementines that are 'on the turn' as it were... Unless I manage to gobble them soon, there are also 4 apples about to head that direction.

    I'm not sure what to do with them... We have sugar so i considered some kind of marmaladey-jammy thing with the clementines... I dont know if that'd work though; i'm pretty good at making cranberry sauce, but never tried a jam/preserve... would clementines even work for it?

    And as for the apples... again maybe chopped and somehow cooked in some way, then over the next few days using them for porridge topping? (Something else we have)

    What do we think?
    On the up :D
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  • ubamother
    ubamother Posts: 1,190 Forumite
    If you don't want to use the apples straight away, you could chop them, soften in a little butter and freeze them. Apples - crumble, apple cake, apple pie (apple cake, just make a victoria sponge type mixture, slice apples and pop slices on the bottom of an ovenproof dish, pour the sponge mixture on the top and you have a cake/pudding. If they're getting too manky to eat, you could slice them very thinly and dry very slowly in the oven and use them in Christmas decorations. Clementine curd is lovely - loads of recipes on t'interweb.
    ALIBOBSY Posts: 4,527 Forumite
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    You could slice the clementines up and freeze to pop in your turkey before it cooks on the big day to give it a "christmassy" taste. Or again frozen slices to pop in drinks/mulled wine?
    Apples as other poster said cook and freeze or even cook and eat now mmmm.

    ali x
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  • Jadek
    Jadek Posts: 102 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post Combo Breaker
    With the apples I'd make a lovely warming crumble, if you've got some sugar, flour and butter in the cupboards and a pinch of cinnamon it should be quite a frugal treat (I've been meaning to make one for the past week, I love a good crumble).

    Or you could slice them up, drizzle them with some honey, a pinch of sugar, cinnamon and scatter over some sultanas and bake until soft - that'd be a great ice cream topping.
  • valk_scot
    valk_scot Posts: 5,290 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    Apples stewed with clemetine juice and perhaps some brown sugar? Nice with a crumble or sponge topping.
  • bubblybee
    bubblybee Posts: 126 Forumite
    edited 29 December 2009 at 1:11PM
    Hi All,

    After buying a lovely array of fruit for Christmas and none of it being touched (we gorged on chocolates instead!), I am loathed to throw it out.

    Can anyone suggest recipes for the following fruits:

    Kiwi Fruits

    I have already earmarked the apples and blackberries for a pie - but if anyone has any better suggestions?

    Also there is no way we are going to eat all that I make straight away so ideas for recipes that can be frozen would be great.

    Thank you all.
    A big thank you to everyone who contibutes to the MSE forums :T
  • misskool
    misskool Posts: 12,832 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    You can wash the blackberries and strawberries and freeze them. Use them from frozen for crumble, pie, smoothies.

    Slice up the pineapple and they freeze well too. Use from frozen for smoothies. If there is lots, pineapple jam is yummylicious.

    Grapes you can freeze and eat them like ice lollies

    Apple - tarte tatin?

    Pomegranate, melon, strawberries, kiwi fruit, chop up, splash of apple juice, bit of creme fraiche and posh fruit salad.

    Clementines, stud with cloves and boil to make mulled wine! (I'm sure someone will come up with a better idea with this)
  • falady
    falady Posts: 584 Forumite
    Hi there,

    Pineapple is nice if you slice it thinly into long strips (rather than rings) and sprinkle it with mint sugar. To make the mint sugar, put some granulated sugar in pestle with some fresh mint leaves and bash them up together. Yummy! Very nice after a curry....

    Not Buying It 2015 :)
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