Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (single) - MP3/WMA/ DRM AAC download from only 49p (59p @ A

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  • haha i heard about that. trying to 'rick roll' christmas. Which would have caught on far better if more people in Britain knew what rick rolling was
  • I suggest people get the best of both worlds - Down load the Buckley version and if you want the Alex experience simply turn it up so it's just uncomfortable on the ears and then turn it up full for the end so the sound distorts and you haven't a clue what's being sung!

    Works a treat - two for the price of one.
    All the World is a Stage; and I'm going through a difficult one at the moment!
  • im sorry but.....SHES EARNED IT?! how? by being on a talent show? give me a break.

    she's earned it about as much as the next person.

    Totally agree!!!!! There are many thousands of people who have worked there *** of all there life but get no where ...... No one on the X factor has earnt anything, if they are still around and selling m,illions in 15 years then I will ap[ologise for the above....
    I am only trying to help :rolleyes:
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    sarahg1969 wrote: »
    It could have been much worse. Diana could have been singing it.

    It could have been even worse... Eoghan could have been singing it :rotfl:
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    because Buckley brought something to the song that Cohen just couldn't.

    Buckley's might not have been the original but it's largely deemed the 'better' of the often covered song.[/quo

    How on earth could he possibly bring something that Cohen couldn't......Cohen wrote the song the feelings and sentiment are HIS. A master poet who brought his words to the masses through song.
    Have a look on utube for Cohen and listen to some magic in song ;-)

    A nice duet with Judy Collins
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