Finished Baskets - Part 2



  • I have bought trifle dishes. (White plastic large bowls) There were 5 in a pack and I have covered them in red tissue paper. I was pessimistic at first but they look great!

    I'll post pics when I get chance!
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    I have various size ones! Have just put pics up on the pic only thread of the ones i have done in silver buckets small ones!! Also bought Asda smart price plastic baking bowls for family size ones and they look fine- need to get pictures done of those. 67p or something like that!
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  • I've made five of these foodie gift hampers this year (first time) and I'm so pleased with them...I'm giving them to people in the run up to Christmas rather than on Christmas day when they are less likely to eat what's inside (as there always seems to be loads left over after Christmas itself).


    I used 10 inch wicker baskets that I found on ebay - and each hamper works out at around £10-£14 each, including all the packaging. :j


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    Wow such amazin ideas! hope to make some hampers this year! :) xoxo
    Saving and buying for Christmas 2013!! :rudolf::xmassmile:xmastree::snow_grin :D
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    fantastic hampers and presents every one, I wish I was getting some of those.
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    really inspiring ideas on here. Is there another thread to now follow??

    Hope your hampers all turn out great.

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    hi can you tell me how to put pics on please thanks in advance
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    this is a fab thread! :D
    Saving and buying for Christmas 2013!! :rudolf::xmassmile:xmastree::snow_grin :D
  • Hi,
    I'm not sure if this is the right post to ask this question, but I have been looking through this wonderful thread and wondered where you got the flannel cake bases from (brown checked ones or something similar).
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    I have made a freebie hanper for my grand daughters birthday...I usually collect free samples,perfume,make up ,moistuiser,shampoo [even got a bar of soap especially for her excema free] and anything else thats going on thr freebie thread..these are usually forwarded to her mother,but this year she has asked if I could give them to her,
    I have made a box out of coloured card added all the samples,a few items of cheap jewellry have gone in as well
    covered it with cellophane and a big rubbon bow
    will try to put a pic on in the morning
    I think it will be apreciated she is going to be 13DSC03363.JPG
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