Finished Baskets - Part 2

So many people getting confused due to so many posts on the previous thread which can be found here:

So a New thread is here, please use this one. I will ask a moderator to maybe lock the other one or something but please use this one from now on.

Congratulations to all for all of the hard work you put in to your baskets! They look fab and lets keep up with the good work/fantastic ideas and friendly banter

Well done everyone

Tams x

Salduck kindly started a Pictures only thread so all of the hampers are kept in one place. This thread can be found here:
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  • furrypigfurrypig Forumite
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    How exciting a shiny bright new thread to follow!!

    I've been following with interest and especially trying to learn about getting my photo's uploaded!!

    Keep up the good work everyone xxx
  • Furrypig I did put in a couple of pictures on how to add photos? not sure if you saw them but I can add some kind of tutorial if you need help?
    Raising kids is like being held hostage by midget terrorists
  • A new thread, how lovely. I'm sure it won't be long before it is full of great ideas and lovely pictures. Thanks RF.
    The good you do comes back to you.
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  • 98jdougl98jdougl Forumite
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    Well, here is my mum's pamper hamper:


    contents - cost - rrp

    Basket - free (lying around) - £3
    Handbag - £4 (staff discount) - £8
    spa hand and foot buffer - free (lying around) - £3
    spa hand and foot conditioner - free (same) - £3
    foot roller thing - free (again) - £1
    pedicure set - £1 - £2
    silk scarf - £2 (sd) - £4
    bath salts (homemade) *3 - 1.62 - 4.5
    Glass jar for one of them - 70p extra - £1.50 extra
    bath bombs (homemade) *2 - £1.08 - £3
    beatles dvd - free (Freebie) - £2 (approx)
    notebook dvd - free (playfunds) - £4
    Bottle of wine - free (leftover b'day gift) - £3
    mini wines *4 - £5 - £6.90
    Mitch albom book - free (lying around, never got round to reading it) - £6.99
    chick lit books *3 (2pd, 1 hb) - £5 - £18.47
    earrings - 50p (sd) -£1
    bracelet - 50p (sd) - £1
    presentation box (satin lined) - 50p (sd) - £1
    lavender bubble bath (avon)- £1 (part of 5 for £5 offer) - £4
    blackcurrant & liqurace vodka - £1 - £3 (approx)
    'shop don't drop' mug - £1 (tj hughes) - £3
    snowman soup - 33p - £2 (approx, going by similair things in shops)
    after eights -33p (part of a bag on offer) - 66p
    liquer chocs -33p (same) - 66p
    make up bag- free (lying around) - £1.50
    lavender candle - 25p (woolies clearance) - 50p
    yankee votive candle - free (lying around, gift from somewhere) - £1
    mini bottle of bucks fizz - 99p - £1.99

    spend £27.15 - rrp £96.57

    saving: 68.42

    and £6.85 under my £35 budget :D

    hope that all makes sense again (sd is staff discount at the already cheap store i work in- as an example of prices we have a scarf for £4 and claires have an identical one at £16!)
  • 98jdougl - fab basket!!
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    wowee what a great basket and descriptionto start off the new thread well done!
    Not setting myself any comp targets this year, didnt seem to work last year!!! £120.98/£2008
    2009/ maybyliene eyeshadow, rimmel polish, loreal foundation, Glamour: hairbrush
    boots card =2625
    quidoco= 110.00
    Thanks to all that take the time to post
  • how exciting a brand new thread
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  • junior_jjunior_j Forumite
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    That basket is wonderful!

    The only thing im worried about is the cellophane because i dont have ebay/paypal account and i dont want one just for that .. do florist sell it?

    Jess x
    NanMias - cyber granddaughter!
  • junior_jjunior_j Forumite
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    Could u wrap plastic storage basket with a nice wrapping paper , instead of buying the wicker sort of baskets?

    Jess x
    NanMias - cyber granddaughter!
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