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  • I've sent a request to join too

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  • Great idea! I've requested to join too!
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    Me too! my name is Tanya Cox
  • Charliec45 wrote: »
    Sorry me again - just looking for some general advice and ideas - I am thinking of doing my sort of FIL a hamper for Christmas and he loves coffee so I am going with that theme - I usually spend about £30 - 35 on him. So far for the hamper I am going to include a coffee plant (if I can get one in winter!!!!!), some dark chocolate covered coffee beans, which I will make myself then wrap up the rest of the beans as they are, two cups and saucers/maybe espresso cups but other than that I am stumped! That will only come to £20 max - it doesn't have to come to the full amount but I want it to look substantial so any ideas would be gratefully received!

    Hi I'm making a coffee hamper for my OH for Christmas, so far I've got-

    Giant mug
    Some 10p sachets of Options coffee we have at work - latte and cappucino
    Some cappucino flavoured coffee wafers in a tin
    Chocolate covered esspresso beans
    A jar of high caffeine coffee
    Some ground coffee to go into his caffetiere
    Some homemade coffee truffles or something

    Also doing a cocktail hamper for my brother's girlfriend with

    Two martini glasses
    Funky ice cube tray
    Some small bottles of homemade flavoured vodka - blackberry, toffee and cola cube
    Some mini alcohol bottles, maybe archers, tequila etc
    Jar of cocktail cherries
    Maybe some fancy swizzle sticks

    And a nice food hamper for my OHs parents, not decided exactly what's going in that yet though!
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    nunnygirl wrote: »
    Evening everyone

    Got MIL's 50th birthday coming up and I want to make a "mickey take" hamper for her

    Already thought of marbles, baby food, hair net but I can't really think of anything else?

    Can someone help please as I've seen someone has made one before and I cannot remember foe the life of me what they put into it!!

    Thanks in advance!
    That sounds awesome :) Just a couple of ideas...?

    Those fizzy tablets for dentures?
    A bag of those sweets that are basically little teeth?
    Jellyatrics (Jelly babies that are old people rather than jellybabies)
    Folding walking stick
    Princess Sparklepants
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    nunnygirl - try this site for ideas if you want to do a 'silly' one..........things like a marble for when their's is lost etc.
    I would be unstoppable if only I could get started !

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  • The FB group is a bit quiet, what can we do to get it going again?
    Maybe a group challenge or task. Pick one item to make and we can all post our pics etc?
  • Ive sent a request for the fb group, Name Elizabeth Wooollard. Thank you :-)
  • I have requested to join the fb page Lisa-Marie Brown
    £2 savers club #24
  • great thread so many good ideas! brill with xmas and birthdays coming up
    :A VK :A
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