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November 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • JulimkJulimk Forumite
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    Another shop today, so have updated siggy. £33.24 left for the last 10 days for me; should be OK, as have plenty in, so it will just be a few fresh bits (hopefully).

    DD is at her Dad’s this weekend. Once I have dropped her off I will go through the freezer & cupboard & start a meal plan for next month. I’m fairly hopeful that I will be able to do this mostly from what is already in & just have to get a few top up bits.

    The experiments with stretching the mince before were successful inasmuch as it made loads of portions. But as there is only 1 ½ of us it was really just too much, hence have been working my way through seemingly never ending portions from the freezer. SO I will have to plan smaller quantities.

    I don’t have to ‘do’ Christmas this year & with a bit of luck will be able to cadge some leftovers off the relies too!
  • Good morning! A spending diary is the best way to see where it all "vanishes"! It can make pretty frightening reading, all those odd bits really add up!

    School lunches are pricey, but if you don't have the time they are a good alternative if they fill them up healthily. Sadly school lunches round here aren't big enough for my kids, and they cost way more than I'm prepared to pay.

    Perhaps a look at your food budget might help, are you picking up other stuff along with your normal groceries, things like magazines, books, clothes? A spending diary where you staple in the receipts will soon pick this up.

    Usual suggestions that follow are meal planning, looking for cheaper alternatives, dropping a brand, etc. Good luck and let us know how the diary is going, I'm sure loads of people will have advice on how to cut your spending once you know where the money is actually going.
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  • nickynoo08nickynoo08 Forumite
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    Good morning, went to mrt's last night to stock up. Didn't get as much for my money as i normally do as my store seems to have gotten rid of most of its value stuff:mad:. Also never noticed much before how much the price of chicken has gone up, i'll be switching to turkey for my next shop. Anyhoo i spent £56.89. Not much left in the pot for the month so need to get planning and get creative. I've just orderd myself jamie's ministry of food book and how to feed your family....from amazon. Got them both for £14.75, but they never cost me a penny thanks to lightspeed:D. Hoping for some inspiration cuz i'm sick of eating the same stuff all the time - there's only so much you can do with mice and pasta!
    Have a good day everyone
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  • angie_babyangie_baby Forumite
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    With regards to lunches, i recently bought a food flask from amazon.
    For the winter months DS now has HM Soup / Stew / Leftover pasta, food stays hot until lunch and i know he has had something hot for lunch. I usually put a slice of HM bread with this, piece of fruit and sometimes a cake or twinks hobnob. Im lucky that DS loves Pea and Ham soup, well all soups and they are so easy and cheap to make. I definalty save money on his lunches, school dinners are £2.10 a day where i am though and by him having packed lunches i know how much he has eaten for lunch.
  • I've just done our weekly shop and I think it will be around £85! That's not looking too good really but then I am stocking up on staples slowly and I'm hoping to get away with a very small shop at the end of the month.

    I've just realised though, we spend about £15 a week on milk!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

    That has got to go down!! So when the shopping arrives, I will be freezing some of the milk until the next week.

    Guess we must have strong bones though? :rotfl: :cool:

    I also spent 54p on a coffee at uni yesterday and £1.98 on lunch. That's something else I will have to sort out!

    A question though: Do you all include take-aways? I ask as we always have chips on a Thursday night, after dd's swimming lesson. It costs us £6 but as it is every week, and instead of a meal, I'm going to include it, but I'm interested in what others do (cos I'm nosey :p ).

    Updated my siggy btw but may alter it when the shopping arrives tomorrow.
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  • TashjaTashja Forumite
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    Little bit of a spend here for me - 88p on milk in Sommerfields, £1.23 in fruit shop on Cottage Cheese, Aubergine and Cream and £4.00 in butchers on beef, 2x cheese, carrots and he threw in some free cooking apples.

    So I am fully sorted now :)

    Tonight - Moussaka
    Tommorow - Moussaka (left overs ??)
    Saturday - Beef and Kidney Stew
    Sunday - Lamb from freezer with veg, etc
    Monday - Lamb curry, rice and Nans
    Tuesday - Chilli and jacket spuds
    Wednesday - Homemade Pizza, wedges and garlic bread
    Thursday - TBC
    Friday - Beef and kidney pie

    Puddings will be angel delight, banana custard, mini apple pies and cream, carrot cake or sponge pudding

    Looking good for thi month still I think !!!

    T xx
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  • Hi folks,

    I have not posted for awhile, but I am still going strong. I spent £10.99 last week and £12.88 this week. I have updated my signature. I still have enough money for next week. The menu plan is still working and my freezer is still full, so hopefully I will make my target of £90 for the month

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  • My kids used to take school dinners, but as I have 4 it would cost almost £30 a week.:eek: For that I can pick up find healhy fillings, bread, fruit and HM biscuits and cake. You could also give kids left over HM pizza or quiche in packs. Menu and shopping list are the way to go. Maybe start with non essentials like biscuits, cakes, crisps, lots of breakfast cereals cutting out. Then do a basic list like pasta, rice, tinned toms(in place of pasta sauce), tomato puree. Its also worth buying various spices and herbs(relatively cheap), so you can make your own curries. Consider buying online, then you don't feel your visiting supermarkets all the time. Slow cookers are a good investment. But it doesn't have to be all depressing you could make it fun. You can buy popcorn kernels big bag last ages(Mr A) and the kids can help and watch it as it pops. I told my kids they can help me make the adult rels xmas wrapping paper with plain paper and potato printing. DD wants to do an Xmas robot:confused: :rotfl: Good luck
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  • Crikey-my lot (3 of them) have a packed lunch. With our school dinners costing £2 it would £6 a day to feed them at school!!!!! If the uptake goes below 80 pupils is shoots up to £3 and you still get families with all their kids having one every day of the week!
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  • mamanmaman Forumite
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    Obviously you could cut back on the school meals but I don't think you should consider a cold 'tea' a problem. I don't think children need 2 cooked meals a day. I'd say a good breakfast, a school meal and then sandwiches and fruit and milk or a hot drink (if they like it) should be plenty on school days. If weather is really cold you could always do soup or something on toast. You and OH could then have a cooked evening meal together later which might cheer him up.
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