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November 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Tis true - my OH was buying them all the time to drink in the night to rehydrate (if he'd been on the beer). I pointed out that he's bathing his teeth in pure sugar all night long - not good LOL. So we took to keeping the bottles and just filling them with water and I so prefer it. I can't have a glass of water next to the bed as I wake up to find the cats drinking it ....
    Wendy x
  • spent 1.13 in tesco today on fruit and veg, have updated signature:)
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  • why not all have a cheap hot breakfast (such as porridge or boiled eggs) so you won't feel so bad about having them a packed lunch. £1.65 per school dinner sounds a fortune to me, you could do some fab packed lunches for less with decent bread and sandwich ingredients, posh yogurts and fruit (plus dried friut eg rasins/apricots).
    may dad has, for the last 16ish years made all his sandwiches on a sunday night, frozen them and packed them next to his yougurt in his lunch box, seems to work ok.
  • Hiya guys,

    Not been about for ages so thought I'd come and update my sig. I've spent £51.65 on five shopping sprees so far, doing really well with 10 NSD's. batch cooking a the mo, refiling freezer, it looks lovely with all that thick ice gone, will get much more in now.

    Will go back and catch up on posts, keep up the good work guys

    HWGA xx
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  • Just logged on to update my Total, been buying some extras to put aside for Xmas but determined to make it without going over, made a list of everything in both Freezers as I want to defrost the Chest Freezer to fill up for Xmas, the other Freezer is a self defrosting but it's full!! Meal planned for the next 12 days and should only need to buy F&V, milk etc. :D

    Dinner tonight is going to be a HM Fish pie, found some "white fish" and some Smoked fish floundering at the bottom of the Chest Freezer, and HM Rhubarb Crumble for Pudding so that's a bit more space created - can't wait to get to the bottom and refill for Xmas and then I can feel like I'm organised.;)

    Have a good day everyone.:D
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  • another 26 CHF fr me today - just milk and bread and bits.
  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Hi all
    Just popped on to update sig - looks quite scary but had run out of all animal food at the start of the month so had to stock up a bit. Have had 3NSDs this week but will have to pop out soon as I have a £3 off £30 MOC from Mr Ts that I need to spend. Also Mr S has sent me a load of £2/£3 off £20 shops for the next few weeks, so could be taking advantage of those too.

    Have been very worried due to the financial situation - ours has got much worse due to indirectly being paid (or not, in our case) from the Local Authority who lost millions in our one of our dear old dogs had to have a major op on Monday. Luckily he seems fine - espcially as he is 93 years old in human terms, plus the surgery was very reasonably priced (another big worry for us). DD & I also have interviews next week at M&S for weekend jobs so hopefully it will go well. I have finally inventoried the freezer in the cellar & we are eating lots of things from there - hoped to empty it & switch it off as it is so old & iced up, probably costing a fortune to run. However, if we get a job, it could be pressed into service again!! Keep up the good work peeps, we are getting there & even if you go over budget, you are doing well because you are noticing what you spend. I sometimes find old receipts from BMSE (before MSE) & am shocked to see what I spent then. Years ago I knew a chap who did some work on our house who used to say that every week they went to the shop & bought the same stuff as the week before, even though they didn't need it. I didn't take much notice, but he was absolutely right!
    Sorry to waffle on, no posts for ages & then a biggie.

    PS Biscotte - do you ever shop at Migros?
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  • Meant to check on before I started to muvva fancied a change SIZE=1]she really doesn't like the way MrT is closing all the small businesses wherever they set up shop[/SIZE so while in MrS yesterday I thought "Oh! Marmite!" cuz I'd opened the 'spare' earlier in the week.
    O..........M..........G! :eek: Up from £2 [in MrT--I agree with her sentiments but cannot afford to have Principles :( ] to £2:49 in the space of a week!!! I dropped a hint towards the offspring the other evening about putting their 'lodge' up if it gets worse & sadly it's looking a lot closer to becoming a necessity each day :mad:
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    Hi everyone - I am still here but not able to post much as you can see. I have just updated my signature. I usually do a 'big' shop on a Thursday but as we are off to Scotland for a wedding tomorrow I haven't had to buy much this week. (The wedding trip expenses count as 'holiday'!) We had both DDs home at the weekend and ate out on Sunday as we were celebrating birthdays and this week I have been eating out of the freezer. So far I am on target having spent about half my budget and my month ends on 28th so it should be ok.

    I haven't done any prep for Christmas - usually by this time of the year I have bought most of my presents and started cooking for the freezer. However, partly because work has been manic and partly because we have been preoccupied worrying about DD2 losing her job and trying to help her sort things out I haven't even begun to do anything about it yet. I have been trying to do the £1 a day for Christmas savings though and have £101 in a jam jar(!) so hope to buy all the groceries and drink for the festive season using that and my Nectar points. It looks like we will be having MIL and SIL as well as DDs and BF here for the day but I am trying not to panic!

    Anyway, good luck everyone- keep up the good work.


    P.S BigBird - I always copy my post (highlight the message and press control c) so that if it disappears I can recover it! Bitter experience has taught me to do this and never rely on a computer! HTH
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    Spent another €10 this morning on 8 lbs of neck of lamb...with bones in so not as cheap as it sounds, but will do us 3 dinners, have first lot on very low temperature in oven, will raise temp a bit later on and add some onions and garlic and spuds for last hour or so, will have to drain off fat a couple of times but to be fair to the butcher, it is lean so won't be much fat.

    Off to update signature,

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