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November 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • cuddlymarmcuddlymarm Forumite
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    I've actually managed a no spend day today:j
    Tomorrow I'm doing my morning in the charity shop and only need milk and veg so when I come out I'm going to go straight there and then straight home. No looking anywhere else. I need to learn some discipline.

    January NST 2/16
  • Oh far I have 6p left out of my £200 so my first month isn't going well :rolleyes:

    I'm not despondent though, with hindsight my budget was too low for this month as last month I spent just about £100 but used loads from the cupboards so my Tesco shop was bigger than usual to balance that. Plus I'm buying bits and pieces for Christmas as well.

    I reckon I'm going to be closer to £230 perhaps a little lower but it's still not too bad.
  • Hi
    Called in to Lidl on way home from work - spent 12.81.
    Have bargains on Batchelors savoury rice 2 for 80p and microwavable rice 49p per packet - all varieties.
    have updated total below
    off to sit in front of the fire where it is warm - hands frozen
    Mortgage free as at 1/9/13 :j
    To start work on the credit cards now!!
  • tangotango Forumite
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    Ok its the 11th,and total so far is £370 so not to bad !! end date 28th :D
    Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.
  • the_catthe_cat Forumite
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    This week has gone really well.... Popped into Lidl yesterday and picked up 2 gammon joints on special offer for Xmas. Managed to get 4 loaves of FREE bread while there:beer:

    Then went to Sains tonight for some milk and got lucky with the whoopsies:D

    £41.19 of food now crammed into the fridge and freezer for the cost of just £5.93:o Includes all fruit/veg for the week, plus enough for some lunchtime soups

    Will have to get some more milk in a couple of days but apart from that nothing needed until next week (although I'm getting a bit addicted to whoopsie hunting so might still spend more!)

    Total spend now up to £102.56:j :j
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  • Well its nearly half way through the month and I have not spent half of my budget - total spend to date is £189:j and our cupboards and fridge are bulgeing - this weeks shop at mr T came in at £49 which is unheard of including some stuff for day time meals for me - the end of my trips to subway and the like. It has taken a few months but suddenly i feel in control of my budget and for the first time I am aiming to come in under budget - fingers crossed. I have meal plans to follow and will be so glad if i can crack this this month leaving us a bit extra to spend on the kids at christmas.:T :T

    Did get 12 selection boxes last week (from xmas budget not food) when they were on offer - they are calling to me now but I will resist there is no point getting the offers - eating them and having to replace at full price - not very os or weight friendly - :rotfl:
  • Just been shopping tonight and have just popped on to change my sig. Did a full weekly shop including getting in a couple of bits and pieces for Christmas, and it came to £40.37. £65.35 down, £94.25 to go. Now I'm getting nervous as to whether I'll do it!!
    Continually trying the Grocery Challenge. Gotta keep trying!
  • natzininatzini Forumite
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    Just popped on to update my siggy.... £59.86 and will get another top up early next week!

    Un sou est un sou
  • What or where is Mr T?
    Wendy x
  • Mr T is Tesco's, Mr S is Sainsburys and so on.:D

    Will log back on later to update my total as shopped in Asda & Aldi's yesterday.
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

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