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November 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Think I could be well over this month :(
  • A lovely no spend day today! I only needed bread, so I baked some. Not sure how it will taste - seems a bit heavy - but as I had the ingredients and the rain was pouring down it seemed the sensible option.
  • Just a bit of info - popped into Asda after work to get some baking bits for my mum (she paid me back so nothing to go on signature!) Anyway, they have the big tins of Celebrations, Quality Street etc on 2 for £7 if anyone is stocking up for Christmas. Also, noticed that there's now a sign on the tills saying that from 3rd November, coupons will only be accepted if you have bought the product and all coupons have to be handed up at the start of the transaction. rubbish, seeing as they used to have a price/ad match thing going.
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  • I bought a pack of Nestle 'Pic a Pacs' cereals in Tesco's today - for £1.21

    The boxes inside the pack have coupons adding up to £1.75 (7x25p). There is also a matching coupon on each box 50c off for ROI - hence lots of them for sale on Ebay.

    Our Tesco's will accept these coupons against your shopping even if you don't purchase the items, so effectively they pay you 54p to eat 8 of their mini packs of cereals - yum :D

    You can't see the coupons until you have bought the multi pack and opened the sellophane covering. My boxes are dated BBE 31-05-09 and the coupons are valid until 30-09-09.

    Guess what I'll be stocking up on during my next visit?

    FFM :)
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    Am so excited, never usually manage to get any yellow stickered stuff, but tonight I just turned into the aisle and the lady was putting some things out - I spent £8.55 on reduced stuff that would have come to £31.62 and the only thing I got which I'm not sure about is a pheasant reduced from £6 to a £1 so I thought it was worth a go (I'm vegetarian but hubby and son aren't). Spent more than I'd expected to so the month is going to be tight BUT my freezer is absolutely full to the brim so with a bit of luck am going to give it a really good try to stay on budget.
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  • hello everyone just joined the site tonight, and having a look through i would like to join this thread if thats ok, i always spend far to much on the shopping and waste lots of money aswell.
    will set myself a target of £350 for the mth, already spent £110 at mrT and get the milk delivered so that will come of near end of mth.... got to do my online shop tomorrow so will be careful with what i spend......
    mel x
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  • angelnikki wrote: »
    Just doing my MrT online shop for tomorrow. Offers at the moment:

    Youngs 8 wild pink salmon fillets half price £4.99 (DS's favourite food at the mo)

    Linda Mccartney vegetarian sausages half price 89p (DS loves these too!)

    Utterly Butterly 500g 2 for £1.50

    Farm Pride free range eggs x6 £1

    Big Green Tick turkey dippers / turkey steaks was £2.29 now 59p

    Muller Rice 27p

    240 Typhoo teabags £3

    Pampers baby wipes BOGOF £1.99

    Market Value butternut squash 50p

    Nikki x

    Hi angelnikki - great to see you posting again, always find your Posts really useful - hope you are keeping well.;)

    Just checked the Aldi website as popping there today before my Asda trip, the Super 6 this month are all 69p:- Pineapple, Cherry Tomatoes, 2.5kg Baking Spuds, Butternut Squash, 3 Peppers and 6 Green Apples.

    Have a good day everyone.:D
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  • Hello scotsaver. I'm looking at the Asda website, could you explain the Super 6? Is this like a regular special offer thingy? And where do I look?

    Wendy x
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    Cat_Addict wrote: »
    Hello scotsaver. I'm looking at the Asda website, could you explain the Super 6? Is this like a regular special offer thingy? And where do I look?


    The super six is an Aldi promotion, I got some on Sunday


  • Oh thankyou so much - I will make a note to check this regularly!
    Wendy x
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