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    hiya i was given a number that i was told made calls cheaper tonight at work and it reminded me of something i saw you mention on this morning, can you explain for me does this bypass number you mention work for orange pay as you go mobiles, as far as im aware we dont get free freephone numbers.
    Also have you heard of a specific number inc hash and star that can be typed in to get cheaper calls.
    I can forward the details to you if it will help.


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    Hi All

    I use 18866 for most of my peak time and International calls and have had excellent service, clear lines and saved a bob or two.

    Immediately before connection 18866 announces how much the call charge will be per minute except when I make calls to mobile numbers.

    I would like the assurance that at weekends it is only .02p per minute + .01p connection charge before making lengthy calls to mobiles.

    Has anyone else experienced the same?
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  • I started using 18866 when Martin suggested it originally and have had very few problems. Occasionally it does not connect but as its so cheap I am happy to put up with that. As for the call quality it has been fine, we have phoned Italy several times and can't beat 1p per minute.

    In response to Ian Smith's post yes you can only pay by credit card at the moment but I have not had a problem with them charging and its safer really than paying by switch.

    Priceworld asked if you have to wait for a tone when you have dialled the prefix, no you do not, but perhaps its best just to allow a couple of seconds before you dial the main number and it works fine if you put it as a speed dial on you phone handset

    David Healey asked if it will work with OneTel, yes it will however if you are on CPS (Carrier Preselection) where you have registered with OneTel so that all you calls go via them without using a prefix or having a box to plug into your phone socket you will need to dial a prefix 1280 to take you baxck to BT's network before dialling the 18866 prefix. OneTel seem very good for UK calls by the way, we pay £13.99 a month for all our UK std calls 24/7 (although I believe they have just put this up to £14.99 for new customers) but we only have to pay extra for non geographical numbers and mobile/foreign calls (for which we use 18866 now) and all we pay BT for now is line rental at £9.50 per month although being as practical as BT are the minimum they will allow any customer to pay each month by Direct Debit is £10.00 ! so its a case of calling them every quarter and asking for £1.50 back - but think how much extra money thet get each month by doing that .

    Hope this has been helpful.


    Trying hard to save money and trying to help friends do the same by finding the real "Moneysaving" bargains and avoiding companies that take my custom for granted.
  • Hi peteraj

    Is there any advantage to using 18866 instead of telestunt's access numbers (bearing in mind that there's no need for a separate bill with telestunt)?
  • Hi Smartass, :)
    I have not used or heard of Telestunt so cannot really advise if 18866 is better or not although i think there call rates must be very hard to beat at the moment, however i am sure as soon as they are beaten martin will let us all know :D


    Trying hard to save money and trying to help friends do the same by finding the real "Moneysaving" bargains and avoiding companies that take my custom for granted.
  • Have you read the T+Cs ? They state Use of Personal Information
    Information you provide or we hold about you may be used by us and/or our partners to

    contact you by any means (including mail, telephone, email or text messages)

    Seems this may be a real reason not to use them. They could be a big source of spam addresses.

    stay lucky!
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    Assuming they're a UK company, under the Data Protection Act, they are required to NOT contact you unsolicited, if you specifically ask... as far as I know.
  • If you read the T+Cs they say some companies may be outside the EEA which would be a big concern.

    Unless I get a confirmation that they will not sell/give my email address to anyone else they won't be getting buisiness from me.

    A further quote From time to time, these third parties may be located outside the EEA in countries which do not have the same standards of protection for personal data as the UK.

    It does not reasure me in the slightest.
    stay lucky!
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    :'(Hi All,
    i got registered with Call 18866 hoping to get cheaper calls but it doesn't work if you have an NTL phone line. It has to be BT. I am considering ditching the ntl just so i can use it. What the artical doesn't say is the international calls are very cheap also USA landline 1p mobile 15p , Auz landline 1p mobile 15p just as an example. Go to there web sit to check it out.

    A bit miffed i can't start saving!!!
  • @ david Wallis

    Telestunt appear equal or cheaper on the prices you quoted above. (And you don't need to sign up with them - or give any private details to them.

    (You can use it via NTL)

    They only charge 1p/min for USA mobiles.
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