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Find the cheapest petrol prices in your area

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MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Motoring
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  • RikkiRikki Forumite
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    The information is dated. The two petrol stations listed closest to me are both closed and have been for over a year.

    Insert By Martin

    Just a quick note. While this is valuable feedback from the poster, actually it seems to be the only dissenting voice.... if you read through the thread you'll see all the other posts say its accurate and positive. As this is the first reply, i thought it looks a bit unfairly weighted. There's no criticism of the poster here, just one of those coincidences.
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  • Marigold123Marigold123 Forumite
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    Sounds like they're only doing a rough guess over a period of time, then. :(
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  • Hi Guys,

    I'm one of the founders of so I will try to answer your questions on here
    The information is dated. The two petrol stations listed closest to me are both closed and have been for over a year.

    Rikki, could you please send me a private message on here with your postcode and I will look into this. We shouldn't be showing any closed stations, but if you have found some that we didn't know about then I will make sure we update this with our data supplier.

    Did you proceed to the next step where we show you the 5 cheapest near you? I'm pretty sure it would be impossible to see closed stations on here, since we only show stations for which we have fuel prices.
    Sounds like they're only doing a rough guess over a period of time, then

    Actually there's no guessing involved. Our prices are updated by data taken from fuel card transactions. Every weekday morning we receive a price file which contains the latest prices for about 8,000 petrol stations (with the price they were selling fuel just before midnight the day before). This is then updated on our site normally by about 11.30am. So for the majority of stations our prices are only around 12 hours old when we publish them.

    Some sites (the more isolated ones) tend to receive less fuel card customers, and so we may not get prices from them quite so often, but this is only a small percentage of stations on our database.
    The company aims to make its money by referrring you to its linked websites which are across the menu on the top. While these aren't horrible, for things such as car insurance and roadside recovery, i wouldn't use it, the car insurance cost cutting and breakdown recovery articles on this site will save you much more.

    I'll be honest with you, the car insurance guides and roadside recovery guides on our site are ok but not great. We built the site very quickly and so these are just a start. We plan to build some much more useful price comparison tools over the coming months. In the meantime, you might find some of our other price comparison sites useful such as our airport parking comparison site or our property sold price site.

    If you have any questions regarding then feel free to post them on here and I will do my best to respond to them, or contact our support team on the site.

    Best Regards,

    Paul Maunders
    Co-Founder & Director
    Fubra Limited
  • Marigold123Marigold123 Forumite
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    Thanks for replying, Paul. Keep us updated on how things turn out. :)

    It would also be interesting to hear any other experiences people have had using the site - ie. it's accuracy compared to the old Petrolbusters site, etc.

    I have to say, it's about time we had a petrol comparison site to use again, so well done, guys! :)
    A penny saved is a penny gained
  • Thanks Marigold123, I certainly will keep you updated.

    In theory we should be at least as accurate as the old AA site, since we are using the same data supplier... and hopefully they will have become even more accurate since then :)
  • ffsffs Forumite
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    Hi Paul

    I registered last week and was pleased to have my personal experience of local petrol prices confirmed. I also used the site to check prices in an area I was visiting though I didn't get a chance to use one of the recommended petrol stations.

    Very pleased to have this service available, and I'm very aware that any database can be awkward to administer. I would however, like to know how you intend to use the registration details.

    Thanks again for the service.
  • g6zrug6zru Forumite
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    All the quoted figures in my area (BN5) are correct.
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  • As an alternative, you could try, or http://!!!!!!!.com/7ne27
    but prices don't seem to be as up to date, or at least not as cheap! I think this service used to be the Overdrive fuel card database, but seems to have been taken over or rebranded.
  • taxigas_small.jpg

    Hi Martin,

    My free site: (written before otherwise I wouldn't have bothered) isn't just for cabbies.

    It collects data differently but relies on volunteers to report prices. (Check out the data for Cambridge compared to the data on

    All prices have the date they were reported and the best way to view is using google earth ( which in itself is a great piece of free software (see screenshot below), but ordinary google maps are shown on the site too if you prefer. You can search, geographically within your own area for example within 10 miles of your home. You can also widen your search or search around another location. The site was developed with zero budget, but I hope it is useful to you.


    I also want to be able to supply data for GPS devices, but again I need information from GPS users to be able to do this.

    If enough people support it (by reporting prices and clicking ads) it should become a very reliable way to plan before your journey to find the cheapest petrol and drive down prices through competition. No need to go out of your way, just find the cheapest petrol on the route you are about to take.

    The site has zero budget so we can't buy in data from other sources and it seriously needs a facelift but the functionality is all there. Like the moneysaving expert messageboard, it relies on everyone helping each other by reporting prices. Oh, and if you sign up, your email addresses are confidential, will not be sold on and you don't even have to have the (infrequent) newsletter if you don't want it.

    Best Regards,

    Richard Bagnall

  • Checked out Maidstone area last night. Prices correct and upto date.
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