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This discussion relates to the 'Ways to stop overseas sales calls' in the Stop Junk Mail article.

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General Stop Junk Mail discussion
How to avoid nuisance calls

PLEASE REMEMBER: As annoying as calls are, at the end of the line are people just doing their job. Please don't suggest anything that could damage their hearing or is offensive.
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  • I have been registered with the Telephone Preference Service for many years, yet I still get calls from time to time trying to sell me mobile phones etc, and it is usually an Asian talking to me. Just how do they get hold of my number?
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    We are in France and on their "list orange" same as TPS but we still get calls from sales in other countries. Several from 0097.....
    Don't think you can stop them. Tell them to wait a minute and put the phone down near a radio!!!!
  • Being Asian does no neccessarily mean they are from overseas..

    just hang up.
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    We have caller display and if it comes up international, we don't answer it.

    The answer machine cuts in but they never leave a message.
    I used to be indecisive but now I am not sure.
  • has anyone ever had the call from number ~ 000000
    i would love to stop that one! :confused:
  • spider125spider125 Forumite
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    has anyone ever had the call from number ~ 000000
    i would love to stop that one! :confused:
    Who owns that number? I get calls at work and have to answer all calls as its a GP surgery we get about 4 calls per shift ! :confused:
  • YoungyYoungy Forumite
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    I regularly get calls from +91 9914000065 and other variants.

    The other morning my mobile was ringing every couple of minutes at 6am. I answered and could hear it was a call centre but they just hung up. Then called again numerous times from a different number. Really annoying, +91 is for India so guessing its a call centre there
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    Get a piece of kit called "CallBlocker". http://www.callblocker.co.uk/

    It automatically answers the phone telling the caller that if they are sales etc, you are not interested. If, however, the caller has permission from yourself, then press "5". I find this a godsend as all the calls from overseas have virtually stopped. They occasionally still try but dont get through.:j
  • I have a very simple answer - when I receive a call and they ask for Mrs ****** (they obviously have my details from somewhere - everyone I know calls me by my first name) I simply say 'Mrs who? - No, I'm afraid you have the wrong number'.

    If it's my bank or someone who I am happy to receive a call from they will either write or email me to follow up the fact they may have the wrong telephone number for me - that way I know it's legitimate.

    I used to receive 2 or 3 calls a day - this is now down to 1 or 2 a week! This really works :j
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    I keep getting calls from some Debt management place.

    I keep telling them I have no debts, and to take me off their list, but they carry on 1-2 times a week (Asian accent).
    The number is 08448466524.
    I Hate Jobsworths!!!
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