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Serious ‘compers’ spend hours doing contests and some, but not all get lucky winning big. So the aim of this hunt, is to tap ideas for comping, what the best way to enter, any tips for increasing winnings, how long do you have to spend doing it.

If you're a comper please reply with how much time and effort you've put in & how much you've won. Plus let us know if you've any top tips and how to write those tie breakers

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PS Newbie compers read MoneySaver Velvet Glove guide to starting comping

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  • DFW2
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    My top tip would be to use AI Roboform or Autofill to complete your personal details when entering competitions as it makes it much quicker so you can enter more competitions. I won a trip to New York for two a few years ago through a radio competition which was a one off entry. I now enter comps 1-2 hours per day and I've been fairly lucky since I joined MSE. In the last month or so I've won two crates of cider, a T-shirt, promotional jugs, skin cream and a hotel break and meal for two. I usually only enter for things that I want or my friends and family would like though.
  • surgeoner
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    I've been a member of MSE for a few years now, but only started comping in July. I've won a few nice things already! I would definitely agree that Roboform is a must. It makes entering so much faster. When I started I didn't know about the 'thanks' button and subscribing to threads, I do both now as apart from wanting to thank the OPs, it helps to keep track of what you've already entered. PS - even if you don't win, its a great site! :T :T
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  • Angel_Eyes
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    It's a numbers game. The more you enter the more you win.
  • My number 1 tip would be to to save your name, address, phone number and email addy to your signature for emails. It saves so much time.

    I enter what i would like to win for myself, friends or family OR if i think i could sell it on ebay. I can enter anything between 50 to 300 comps a night depending on how tired i feel but i always make sure i've entered comps ending the next day.
  • kateab
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    Been comping since June and not won that much comparatively speaking. I restrict myself to prizes I would like to win for myself, my children or my close family. My best wins have been an ipod and a spa break but all I have won all September has been itunes downloads.

    Try not to expect to live off it but it's nice to get the odd freebie. If I win a prize that arrives in a box, my children think it's Christmas (they're easily pleased, they are both under 4!) so that makes it worth it alone. :)

    It can be time consuming but having something like Roboform to help automate entries, and having your contact details ready in an email signature can help to reduce the time you spent (and RSI!). I probably spend a couple of hours per evening catching up on all the comps and then a bit more doing the daily entry comps.

    I don't generally bother with tie breakers unless it was the ultimate prize.

    ETA There are certain companies I will not enter comps for because I boycott them anyway. Hard when you want to win the prize but that's the way I choose to approach it.

    Definitely NOT the blogger at Katie and the Kids, OK?
  • My number 1 tip would be to to save your name, address, phone number and email addy to your signature for emails. It saves so much time.

    I have a signature for emails as above and I also have an email address especially for competition entries to save my "official" email being clogged with junk mail. For similar reasons I only ever use my mobile phone number in competitions, never my landline. I have heard of some compers who have a seperate mobile phone for competitions - which I may do l if I win a new phone :rolleyes:

    I've been comping since January and feel I've been really fortunate. I've had quite a few small wins (books, cd's etc) and a couple of biggies. I enter between 200 and 500 competitions per month depending on time. Wins are in no way guaranteed so you really have to be patient and enjoy the taking part and any win is a bonus.
  • Similar to above but I have everything on a notepad page open all the time on my comp - including email addys of 3 or 4 friends / family who dont mind me using them when comps give more chances for referrals
    The other tip is read the terms / conditions and make sure you thank the poster to ensure you dont duplicate entries thereby disqualifying yourself
    I look on this as fun - already have the internet so may as well get something back lol - done really well in few months I've seriously put time into this
    Happy with any wins this year :A
  • I have been comping since May this year, I haven't won a huge amount of high value items but what I have won I appriciate so much, for a family on a low income comping has given us a nice treat every now and again which we usually would not get the chance of having. I do dream of that 'big' win one day but I'm just as happy with the wins I do recieve.

    A serious comper definately needs time to spare, I certainly couldn't do it if I was in full time employment or a full time student. I do spend a lot of time on here but not because I feel I have to if I want to win things but because I really enjoy it.

    As everyone says you have to be in it to win it, its just the luck of the draw. When lady luck is on your side it can be fab but its just not going to work if you come on here expecting to win straight away. It does give you such a boost when you win that 1st prize though, my best prizes have been the ones I have won for my daughter, they are going to make our Christmas great :j
    Thanks to everyone that posts :T:money:
  • Tips
    • use a form filler
    • don't expect to win
    • only enter the ones you actually want, theres a lot of comps to get through and if you're entering every single one going its likely you will miss some you would really like
    • don't chance disqualifying yourself by entering every member of your household
    • have fun, if you treat it as work its just not worth it
    • read the posts on the I won board, they really spur you to carry on if you're having an unlucky patch
    • find some comps yourself & contribute rather than just using comps already on forums
    Thanks to everyone that posts :T:money:
  • Don't overlook the smaller prizes. If you look at how many 'thanks' each comp has received the ones with smaller prizes don't have nearly as many, therefore increasing your chances of winning. I've won several stocking fillers for Christmas entering those ones.

    I saw this in someone's signature once:
    'The only comp you can't win is the one you didn't enter'
    That is soooo true, you have to be in it to win it!

    Jen x *bowing down to our illustrious visitor* love0030.gif:money:
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