NTL How to get 1.5mb service for 750kb price



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    Toshni, post a message here... http://www.cableforum.co.uk/board/index.php?

    Some of the people there may have advice for you...sounds like you just ended up speaking to one of the NTL braindead operators.
  • Thanks mate, just posted a new thread on there, so will sit back and see if anybody comes up with a different strategy.
  • Lopo
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    Rather than posting multiple complaints on various sites....its not going to get you anywhere.

    Why not just try again in a few days and you will hopefully get through to someone else, and change your approach, thinking about what you say.

    See my earlier posts in this thread and the links within them.

    It really is easy to achieve with the right tact and mannerism.  I have done it for a few people now and have easily achieved something each time...

    The worst thing you can do is expect and deserve a discount of some kind when your on the phone as they will simply see through you.

    Your better off opening the conversation with considering an upgrade and simply enquiring about it all, and half way through switch the conversation to something like - " hang on, I've seen this cheaper elsewhere...its not worth it. Think I may go for that instead...what do you need to do to cancel !? "
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  • Could someone please give me the number that you call at NTL? I have a newish broadband connection which goes down every morning at around 8.15; every afternoon at about 4.30; every evening at around 7.50. I have complained to them (Premium line) and they say it's a B.T. matter as they own the line, and B.T. say it's NTL who should request a 'Dummy Space Repair'. I am getting very frustrated as I run a webcam which shows live pictures of badgers on my patio.


  • I have spent the last two days ringing NTL
    I am on 750 connection at £24.99
    I have spoken to two people
    Customer services had never heard of upload speed, and told me to ring technical. They checked my connection and said it was 300. 300 what? said I. Don`t know they said.
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  • I'm not to chuffed with AOL
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    Bump for anyone whom may have missed it!! ;D
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    i get 1.5 mb with 256 upload for the reduced price of £18.99 cos i phoned up and complained about paying £24.99 for 750k/115 upload i said it was over priced and could you tell me how i go about to be disconnected ,then they offered me this !
  • Hi Tony, wonder what speed you will get in 2005. ???

    NTL have decided that next year the only Broadband speeds on offer will be 1, 2, or 3Mb/s, so those on 300k for £17.99 will be offered 1Mb for a one off payment of £25, and so on up the current priceing chain. :o

    Still theres many a delay between promises and action as well we know ::)

    Regards and merry christmas, Scat ;)
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