NTL How to get 1.5mb service for 750kb price

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You have recently signed upto NTL 750kbps service after leaving an ADSL provider eg BT, BT Yahoo or Wanadoo.

You have seen Press, TV & Web advertisments for NTL 750kbps service stating it is Faster & Better than BT based ADSL, with NTL claiming to be the Number 1 Broadband ISP.

You frequently upload large files to websites, digital pictures for processing or send large e-mail attachments.

Then read on......

Today I telephoned NTL and told them that I had run speed tests on my internet connection using https://www.adslguide.org.uk and it generated results of approximately 704/115. I informed them that I was suprised at the second figure of 115 as this was 256kbps when I was with Freeserve / Wanadoo. Explaining that at no time was I informed that the upload speed would actually be 50% less than ADSL. Had I known this I would never have subscribed to NTL as uploading is an important part of my internet use "Winks' @ Martin ;) ".

I suggested that they had two options open to them, the first was that my subscription be terminated with immediate effect under the premise that it had been falsely advertised or that they increase my upload limit to 256kbps inline with BT based ADSL.

NTL have 3 fixed services they are 300/64, 750/128 & 1500/256 they are no providing me with an upload speed of 256kbps which is the 1.5mb service for the price of the 750kbps @ £24.99 / Month.

I'm not sure how long people will be able to benefit from this advise, but their website still says the 750kbps service is Faster, Better & Cheaper than BT, this is obviously a lie as part of the service is actually 50% slower.

I hope you find this information useful.



  • Thanks Tony. However I remain confused about the two parts of information you get when you run one of these tests.
    for instance my results:
    Downstream 857 Kbps (107.1 KB/sec)
    I am paying for a 1mb line from BT and I understand the second figure there relates to my actual download speed. But you imply in your post that the second figure is variable depending on ISP.
    I can't find any reference on BT's broadband site to actually download speed other than it is a 1mb connection.
    How are the two figures related?

    thanks :)
    I started off with nothing and I've still got most of it left.
  • Tony_H_3
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    When I returned to the PC this morning I found that the upgrade hadn't taken place....... >:(

    Spent 15 minutes speaking with head office outling my complaint re being mis-sold and informing that my service was due to be upgraded FOC to allow for 256kbps uploads. I squeezed 2 months free giving me an actual price of £20.83 / month for 1.5mb / 256kbps service. ;D

    Crikey 1.5mb is swift!! ::)
  • Can you tell me where I can find a guaranteed speed of 256kb/sec? I cannot find this information on any broadband site.
    I started off with nothing and I've still got most of it left.
  • Tony_H_3
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    The speeds are variable, but you should expect to be within a certain range of this speed.

    I have looked at the BT website but have failed to find any reference to the upload speed. Freeserve / Wanadoo specified this as 256kbps. Obviously these figures are variable.
  • Lopo
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    You should be able to pull of £18.99 per month for the 1.5mb service for a year with the right conversation and tact.

    I only also have the NTL phone line service in addition to the BB which is very much a factor.....I cancelled the cable TV in favour of sky+.

    Interestingly, if you then call up a few days later and have a little clever tactical whinge about the phone service, you can get that knocked down too.

    And for the icing on the cake...I have the company I work for paying me back the cost of the BB fee for remote working at home!!

    Heheheee...! :D
    Beware Lego Men with Deep pockets...! :cool:
  • I rang them up and they said all they could offer me was a 3 month half price trial (from 37.99) at 18.99 . I am currently on 700 kbps speed. They were "NOT offering any other deals at all" they said !

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Lopo
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    These links should aid you in your quest....

    >> here and >> here !!

    I can imagine though that the service loyalty/pricing strategy may have changed within the NTL ranks with the impending speed upgrades taking place in the new year hence the 3 month offering may be the best you can currently get....dont ever settle for the first few offers as I found out and then tried again a few days later on the phone side of things!

    By the way, when I wanted to cancel the cable tv, they actually offered it to me totally free for the year and relocate to another room oddly enough - but I let it go as I really just did not need it with the switch to sky+. I suppose they have nothing to lose seeing as the infrastructure is in place and there is always the off-chance you may want an extra channel or movie or interactive service while you have it.

    I never tried cancelling all the services together, as its too obvious your on the scrounge...!!

    Good Luck...!

    [glow=purple,2,400]Lopo... ![/glow][glow=red,2,400]Lopo... ![/glow][glow=orange,2,400]Lopo... ![/glow] ;)
    Beware Lego Men with Deep pockets...! :cool:
  • Tony_H_3
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    It's all good advice Lopo, and I will certainly refer back to it in a years time.

    The advice I offer gives leverage to new customers only, I've been with them for 3 months. Using the 50% less upload capacity has given scope for marked improvement in value for money for the next 12 months anyhow.
  • Many thanks LOPO and all .

    I will give that a try and let you know how I get on.

    Many thanks.
  • Lopo
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    Hmmm....missing the point a little Tony.

    Even if your a new customer for the Broadband...if you have other services from NTL...why pay full whack for it all !?

    Saving shouldnt stop just because your new to the Broadband service......keep the pressure on for more!

    Call up and indicate compared other services to them.....best to duck under now with their promised retainer (here you go for a year!) prices before the prices do go up in the new year....then when it does and you reach the end of your fixed promise price...then its haggle time....win - win! I have until August roughly before I consider paying more than £18.99 since it what they promised me.....

    Duck in their now!! haggle damn it!
    Beware Lego Men with Deep pockets...! :cool:
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