NTL How to get 1.5mb service for 750kb price



  • I've been on NTL for the past 3-4 months. Should I give this a shot?
  • dfarry
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    Bloophead... if you don't try then you'll never know so get calling...

    I would say your chances are slim... I only got the discount because I threathened to leave because I thought it was outrageous that new customers were pay less than long term customers like myself (7 years total)
  • Tony_H_3
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    I've been on NTL for the past 3-4 months. Should I give this a shot?

    If you thought you would be getting a faster service than that provided by standard ADSL, and that you would be able to get ADSL if you so choose then I guess you could play the "I've been mislead card" to atleast get an upload speed of 256kbps (side effect is a 1.5mb download).

    Good luck.
  • arae24
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    Just telephoned NTL, after about 20 minutes of haggling I finally managed to get 1.5mb broadband for £18.99 for three months (I was paying £24.99 for 750mb). It is best to speak with customer relations direct on 0800 0520243 as they have more power than customer services.
  • celticfc
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    does anyone know of anywhere that show a list of services provided by other companies other than NTL, some sort of price comparison so that I can prepare myself with info when I give them a ring.
  • I used the 'i'm going to cancel' trick the other day with NTL and saved myself £10 a month for 12 moths. They also informed me that the 1.5 mb service will be DOUBLED FREE OF CHARGE in January 05 giving you 3 mb connection for £37.99 :o
  • ZAP
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    I have been with NTL for 3 years now i think. I am currently with their 300k package. I am currently paying £18/m for internet (althought i have phone and TV with them too).

    If i phones them up first and said that i wanted to cancel and because it wasn't fast enough and was too expensive, quoting Tesco's 512k package for a mere £2 extra, then hopefully they will upgrade mine to 700k yeh? If they do then that is fab!

    Then i'll stick with that for a week or so and then phone them up and say that uploading is very slow and i need to do a lot of it so i still want to cancel and go to Tesco then would they then upgrade again to 1.5mb for the 256k upload while still paying £18?
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  • I spoke to the customer relations people this monring hoping to get the same upgrade, as I have been paying £24.99 for the 750K service for about 2 years.

    Their response was that the only way I could get the cheaper £12.99 new customer rate was to cancel my current contract and start a new one. When I suggested this was more of a pain for them than me, I suggested that there are other sevice providers who can offer a cheaper service (in a hope of getting her to reduce the price), she just said OK, there's nothing I can do thanks for being an NTL customer!!

    I said to her do yo really want to loose me as a customer (my monthly broadband and phone bill is about £80) and she replied with "thats upto you!!", staggering.

    Long and short is that I am not getting it any cheaper through NTL, need to start looking elsewhere.

    Anyone know any cheap ISP's?

    p.s. I did'nt want to cancel there and then and get the new service as she told me my phone number would change!!!, so might as well find a new ISP and phone company
  • dfarry
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    That is terrible Tosh... I can't believe they would deal with you so abruptly as that....

    I'd post a message on the NTL (Cable forum) to warn would be customers that sometime you can get stuck with service like that. Having been dealt ith in that way I would definately cancel my account.

    Despite my messages about success and and cheap broadband blah de blah... I still have got some NTL issues... for example... we received our bill this morning and it doesn't show the discounted rate for broadband... So immediately I was on the phone and spoke to someone who was actually very helpful...

    Basically Cancellations hadn't processed the discount they offered me - so consequently I have paid two months over what I should have done... They and I have agreed to over look this however and for the next 12 months they will credit £15 to my account (as FREE TALK UNLIMITED)...broadband will still show at the higher price on paper at least.
  • Well glad to hear that someone is having better luck than me dfarry!!!

    I probably will cancel, just need to do a bit of research to find out who is the cheapest. I hear that f2s (https://www.f2s.co.uk) is offering 1MB ADSL for £14.99 per month (but has a 1Gig cap) that might be worth a look.
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