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Chocolate Truffles recipe?



  • Fruity1
    Fruity1 Posts: 926 Forumite
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    Sound yummy any chance of the receipe please?
  • Paulie'sGirl
    You could use it as a filling in a choccy swiss roll - Yule log style? Or in a normal choccy sponge cake?

    Hope it works out, and second the request for the recipe!!

  • makeup
    makeup Posts: 1,633 Forumite
    Hey there

    Seems like I panicked too early and this morning the mixture was definitely firmer and I managed to get them into balls with the help of some icing sugar to stop the balls being too sticky on the outside.

    However thanks for the advice, I shall definitely remember that. Hadn't thought of melting more chocolate which of course would work - thanks Lisa.

    And as for a chocolate yule filling - yum yum, may have to make some more for that!!! - genius idea PG.

    Anyway here is the recipe - I got the Baileys Advent Calendar as I'm on their mailing list (freebie of Baileys Coffee - yes please!)

    50ml Baileys
    250g White Chocolate
    60g Creme Fraiche
    35g Butter
    35g icing sugar

    Soften chocolate on hob and stir in butter and creme fraiche (I melted choc in a bowl on top of a pan of water - think is safer than direct heat)
    Slowly sieve in icing sugar and pour in Baileys alternating the two
    Cool the mixture in the fridge and then shape into small balls and roll in icing sugar or grated chocolate. (It wasn't solid enough after 3 hrs in fridge so would totally recommend leaving over night)

    I can attest to the yumminess of these - they are very rich though!

    And if you like that, here is another recipe that I'm going to be trying this year:

    Baileys & White Chocolate Fudge
    500g Golden Granulated Sugar
    500ml whipping cream
    50ml Baileys
    150g White Chocolate

    Butter and line 22cm x 22cm tin leaving a small overhang. Put sugar, cream and Baileys in a large pan and, stirring slowly, bring it to a simmer. Make sure the sugar is dissolved (it will stop feeling grainy on bottom of pan), then turn the heat up to a rolling boil.

    Adjust heat until the mixture bubbles without getting too near the top of the pan. Keep bubbling, stirring occasionally, until a small amount of mixture dropped into a glass of cold water will form a soft ball that you can pick up on the end of a teaspoon.

    At this stage, the bubbles will have gone from being large and unruly to smaller and more even. Stir in the chocolate and pour the mixture into the tin. Cool and cut.

    This was from Olive Magazine (Dec 09) and is also on the BBC Good Food website.
    I've got my own flat :j:j

    Now I have to pay the bills :eek:

    And feed my interiors addiction ;)
  • Ms_Chocaholic
    thanks for the recipe make up x
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  • nuttybabe
    nuttybabe Posts: 2,299 Forumite
    Hiya All

    I hope someone can help me, a few weeks ago I saw a receipe for chocolate truffles that had digestives in them but now I cant find it. I have spent hours searching. I am sure it was on this board somewhere although I could be wrong about that!

    Does anyone know a link to the receipe or can anyone tell me what the receipe is?

  • yummyhoney
    is this it,,


    16 Digestive Biscuits
    1 Tin Condensed Milk
    4oz Hot Chocolate
    2oz Butter

    Heat condensed milk and butter slowly until butter has melted
    Crush biscuits
    Mix crushed biscuits coconut and hot chocolate together
    Add condensed milk and butter to dry ingredients
    When mixture has cooled roll small amounts of mixture in to balls
    Roll truffles in vermicelli or coconut
    Dont cry because it's over,
    Smile because it happened.

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  • rosieben
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    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • nuttybabe
    nuttybabe Posts: 2,299 Forumite
    yes, yes, yes thank you both so much!!! yay! i am going to be making them this week!
  • poolygal
    What size tin of condensed milk would you use? Certain supermarket website only has ones of about 400g, is that the right quantity? These look lovely, might treat the colleagues over Christmas!
  • Reverbe
    Reverbe Posts: 4,210 Forumite
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    I have been given a truffle recipe from a lovely MSEr on the boards but it asks for something called whipping cream. I have never heard of this. Is it single or double and is it freely available? We only have a small Tescos, a medium Sainsburys and a M&S I no longer shop in for personal reasons.

    If this whipping cream is hard to find , does anyone have a simple truffle recipe that doesnt use food processors or any fancy equipment? We only have a small kitchen and no gadgets. Basically I'm looking for something where you just melt the choc in a pan etc..Thanks x
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