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    Dear All

    Thanks for your advice re phone number etc. I sat on the phone three weeks ago for 30 mnis waiting to speak to someone, it was costing me, so i gave up. I followed this up with a E Mail asking for my complaint of poor service be passed to a manager for a phone call back. Within 4 days the money went into my account. Not sure by chance but the Holiday was booked with travel city to depart on the 28th of February. The refund went into my account on the afternoon of the 27th of February the day before i flew to Orlando.

    just to update others I booked on the internet and was told I MUST supply original documentation. I did not have any other than the print out. In the end I sent this in the post and by E Mail plus I sent a copy of my bank statement showing the money going out.

    All ends well I got my money back in the end. JUST THANK YOU to all who assisted on this site
  • Hay guys, some progress...................... received letter saturday asking me to sign a letter assigning claim to the caa so they can claim from on the beach travel. They also said they are now in a position to pay my claim, of £805.27 which is very random as my flights were £830!!!! Just happy i'm getting it back so think i will just let it lie!!! Am going to phone 1st thing in the morning and fax and also send letter so hopefully get money in the week or 2!!! There is a end in sight!!!! whoop whoop x x
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    I have phoned Egg today as it is 8 weeks tomorrow from my original complaint on the 17th January,I was told by Egg that they still hadn't looked at my complaint and as it was a Legal complaint the 8 weeks time limit didn't apply,they could respond to me whenever they liked.
    I then said that I was now going to the Financial Ombudsman,she tried to make me complain to their customer service department first,however I refused.
    I then rang the Financial Ombudsman who basically told me that they were lying and the 8 week response time stood!! She then advised me to complain to themselves and fill in their complaint form with yet again copies of all my paperwork,so here we go again!!!

    This could now take up to 6 months great!!!
    This is really becoming a nightmare,but I won't give in!!!
  • This is a copy of an email i snet to my MP as i am so frustrated and angry and do not know where to turn - i just want my money back!!! AGH!! the finacial ombudsman were no help on phone this morning - ...

    I am now emailing as I have yet another stressful bureaucratic nightmare. We booked a family holiday for last October through Apollo Travel (part of the co-operative group). The holiday was with kosmar holidays which unfortunately went bankrupt six weeks before our holiday.

    We had paid for our holiday in full on my credit card which was on a 0% interest deal until May 2009. I initially tried to claim thie money back through the Halifax credit card under section 75. I understood that the credit card company had joint repsonsibility and there was no first point of call . Thus I was suprised when on Oct 20th I heard back from the Halifax saying that I was to contact our travel agent in the first instance regarding claiming through the CAA.

    I immediately sent all the appropriate documentation with the ATOL claim form to apollo travel who then forwarded it to Atol. On 5th December we had a letter from CAAknowledging receipt of our information and a claim reference number. The letter stated that they aimed to setlle completed forms within 40 days of receipt. We then received a phone voicemail from CAA stating that they were awaiting information from Co-operative travel. i called the co-op who said they had sent it and indeed in January we got another voicemail to say that the CAA would process payment soon. It is now the 17th March and we have no refund.

    I have tried the CAA today with no luck. I have sent them repeated emails with no reply. I also spoke to the credit card company who now tell me they will start charging inerest on the amount for the holiday on May 2nd as although i disputed the amount and was told there would not be interest charged - this has not happened and as the transaction was over 6 months ago tyhis cannot be rectified.

    I left a message with Apollo travel to lodge a complaint about their lack of aftercare and support for their consumers. after all we bought a holiday from them in good faith as a reputable company. They took my number and I am still awaiting a call.

    I just want the money refunding. Will it come from the CAA and if so how long will it take? Should i pursue the credit card company under section 75 of the credit agreement?

    I do so hope that you can help me as i feel like i am banging my head against several brick walls....


    Donna Niman
  • Hi Lizzie,

    Like you I have had the same experience with regard to refunds etc. I am sure the office at the CAA is unmanned! I booked in July last year to go in October with my credit card and am still waiting! I have managed to get some sign of a refund from the travel company for the holiday and transfers - but they have informed me now that I have to pay £40 admin and £16 because I used my credit card for admin to the CAA. I am so annoyed because I have had to pay £56 for a load of hassel with absolutely nothing to show at then end. I am sure there is someone somewhere benefitting from our misery! AND are they not just doing their jobs. I find paying a higher percentage for using the credit card in the beginning a cheek never mind paying again for refunds. Who gets this money :mad: ??

    lizzie9171 wrote: »

    I am also very frustated, I am still waiting for a refund. I paid the deposit on my credit card, which they have refunded, but stated that were not liable for the whole cost of the holiday. The CAA state the credit card companies are liable, and I keep getting passed to and fro between them. Why bother have ATOL protection when it is not all it is said to be. We we due to go on the 16th October 2008 with TCD, and I am still fighting for a refund. I have made many attempts to contact CAA CEGA but the phone nevers get answered, I am still waiting for replies to the last 3 letters. I have also contacted ABTA, who are now looking into it, but have not yet received a reply from them. I wonder how true the statement from LULULU1 re Tescos requesting their money back as they state the CAA are making the refunds.
    What a whole lot of hassle this has been and from reading others experiences, it does not look like its going to be resolved anytime soon.:confused:
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    Just noticed in moneysupermarket.com community forum that the BBC are going to do a piece about ATOL refunds etc on the Breakfast News programme tomorrow and want people who have not had refund for interviews. I think it might be too late now for anybody to apply but obviously worth watching tomorrow.
  • hi all, just to update my situation, i finally got through to atol on 5/3/09 only to be told that they would be contacting me within the week with a decision:rolleyes:

    i then hung on the line on 18/3/09 for 40 mins to speak to some guy who said he didnt have access to all information but would ring me today to let me know whats happening.

    believe it or not i also recieved an email reply last night say wich said:

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. This is due to the large number of queries and claims we have received.

    I have alerted our claims department about you claim. It should be looked at shortly. If you have not heard anything from us or received a settlement in 4 weeks time then I would recommend that you contact us again.

    Thank you for your patience.


    xxxx xxxxxx

    which i thought was a fob off but same guy from yesterday just phoned to say my claim has been accepted for payment and the money will be with me shortly:j :beer:

    huge relief as i rebooked my hols to florida, which was great, on the basis of getting my money back. all of my payment was debit card so to anyone else who paid it all that way,pester the life out them until you get a result.

    thanks to flyaway and Rachel for the numbers.
  • the plot thickens... Today after numerous calls to CEGA (the part of CAA who aere dealing with my claim) they claim they are still awaiting info from the co-op to say that they, the co-op, paid the administrators. However the co-op claim they have sent this information. So whilst the two of them battle it out I am sat in the middle awaiting my money - any suggestions???
  • I too am still waiting for my refund from the CAA for my XL.com flights. I phoned the CAA again this week and after waiting 20 minutes someone finally answered the phone but just to say that they were busy and that someone would call me back.

    To be fair they did phone me back and they said that everything was in order and that my claim was being passed over to the fulfillment team that day. So hopefully I will get my refund soon.

    It certainly looks like it is worthwhile phoning the CAA to hurry up your claim.

    Good luck to everyone else who was let down by XL Airways.
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    Amazing what a mention of the Financial Ombudsman can do,this morning I have recieved a letter from Egg for payment in full!!

    I have to sign an agreement letter giving them full rights to make a claim to the administrators of Travel City Direct for the money and they will place the money in my account!!

    I really hope everyone else awaiting their refunds heres something soon,by the way the Financial Ombudsman were extremely helpful and have promised to keep my file open for 6 month sjust to check that everything is ok!!

    Its been one hell of a rollercoaster but I have learnt a lot!!
    Can I also say a big thankyou to everyone for all their help on here,its the only thing thats kept me fighting!!
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