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  • barron wrote:
    Does anyone realise,that if you sign up for sky+ and multiroom,as an existing customer.
    They use your old sky receiver as the multi room box,charge you £10 a month extra,but DO NOT extend the warranty.
    But if you are a new customer,you get a completely new system for the same price.
    If your box goes pop,then you have to pay £69 to get it fixed or replaced.
    Wish i could change but we live in a rural area with no other providers.
    Tried talking to sky, but they dont want to know.
    Its about time their monopolising was stopped.
    ANY COMMENTS?????!!!!????................
    If your diggi box fails, phone sky threaten to cancel and the will fix your box for free, they did for me, worth a try.Joe.L
  • If your diggi box fails, phone sky threaten to cancel and the will fix your box for free, they did for me, worth a try.Joe.L
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    We still get a lot of channels, however I do miss :( E4 & hubby misses Sky sports news, which are both on freeview, my question is, if we get a freeview box will we loose a lot of the "Free" channels we are still getting :question: ?(Like Sky 3, Horror channel, and a few music channels,) to name a few! I know these are not listed as on the free to view sky list nor are they on the freeview list, but will they be there :confused: anyway?????
    Sky 3 is available on freeview. Freeview is the digital service that comes through your aeriel as oppose to free sat which comes from a satellite. You can keep your sky box and continue receiving the free channels then go out and buy a freeview box to pick up e4 and more 4, abc 1 etc. You will get some overlap of channels but its pretty good. This is the set up that I've got. How many scart sockets have you got at the back of your tv and video? You can have both boxes hooked up at the same time.
  • I have been with SKY since they took over BSB and am on the minimal package (£21/MONTH) and I would now like to move to one of the new packages as it would work out cheaper. they do no mention anything about switching from old to new, just new cutomers. Has anyone tried to change? I haven't rung them for years and only remember the interminable waits.
  • Ill remember that,CHEERS JOE
  • Original package: £105/ month

    NTL Family Pack + phone (required with family pack but don't use) + extra channel = £35/month
    BT broadband + phone line rental = £35/month
    OneTel for calls = £35/month

    New package : £55/month

    NTL Family pack + phone + extra channel = £20/month
    BT broadband + phone line rental = £30/month for calls = £5/month and better quality

    Lesson learned? Never pay the listed price. Everything is negotiable...

    I could get the same package as NTL offered on SKY for £20/month, but didn't want the Satellite dish/ 1 yr contract/ more wires connecting the SKY box to the phone line. Eventually decided for £180/year could live with
    that. Arranged SKY installation, and was offered 3 months half price with the std new customer deal with SKY. Called NTL to cancel, they offered to match the SKY price for next year. Called SKY back to say I am staying with NTL, they offered 6 months half price. Could have saved more immediately by going to SKY, but as I may move soon decided it was better to wait and get all the new installation deals from SKY in next house (planning on moving in about a year)

    Called BT and wanted to move broadband to UK Online (£10/month cheaper). They offered £5/month off, so decided to stay with them, as unsure of the quality of UK Online, and have bad experience with NTL broadband in the past.

    And - thought I would give it a try after seeing it mentioned here. We phone internationally a lot, the calls are MUCH cheaper, and quality MUCH better than OneTel.

    All in all £600/year saving
    Downside: Nearly 3 hours on the phone in those endless queues, £4 in calls to SKY on their 0870 number which is now more expensive than international calls on 1899, and had to agree to another 12 month contract for BT broadband. But for £600 saving, well worth the effort!
  • I too recently in the past have contacted SKY with the I'm not paying anymore, no customer loyalty that really annoys me, (i've been with them since it was first introduced in this country - surely they should offer a discount to long standing customers) only to receive half price subscriptions for anything between 3 and 6 months

    However recently the wife and I decided that SKy at £42.50 a month for all channels was far too much, £500 a year, when at the end of the day, due to kids tv being on most of the day, and only really getting to sit down around 8.30 to watch any adult tv, we found ourselves watching the terrestrial channels anyway or those that are part of the free package

    In the past I was an avid sports fan(to be fair I still am) , but just dont find the time to watch any more and could no longer justify the cost and I can go to the pub and watch my team (for the few occasions they are on) with a meal and a pint or two for less!!!, so we decided to go ahead and cancel the whole package, as all we (or the kids would miss) would be nick jnr

    I called SKY , telling them too expensive, dont watch any of it , no customer loyalty discounts, and I know that there job is to offer me a better deal and I wasnt interested, before they even got a chance to get into their own sales patter

    they were falling over themselves to throw channel packages at me at reduced prices, moving me through 3 advisors when I requested to cancel

    I stuck to my guns telling them that we really didnt want any of it (and to be fair we dont) as it was just an expense we were no longer prepared to pay

    They started trying to off load their new mix packages on me (you choose the genre of channels you want to watch in multiples of 2/4/6 and can add movies or sports for a premium SKY world by a different name), in an attempt to give us the kids channels we would lose, at discounted prices for a number of months ranging from 3 - 6

    again I said no thanks not interested I just want to cancel and dont want to pay anything for any channels as I just dont watch them anymore

    they then came up with their best offer yet, and to be fair it was a very good deal

    they offered to keep me on my existing SKY World package........thats all the channels for the price of their 2 mix option thats £7.50 for 6 months !!

    No new or minimum length contract , and I can change it or cancel it at anytime I wish

    so I'll go along with that for the next 6 months, and take it from their when it comes to an end

    one word of warning depending on when your billed SKY tend to bill in advance when you change your package(they chane it the day after your billed), so they take another months subscription, in my case they have taken my previous subscription of £42.50 and will use it as a credit over the coming months, in effect I've paid for 5 of the 6 months they offered me up front but still better than £42.50 a month for 6 months

    so I have or will pay £45 for 6 months viewing all channels as opposed to the standard price of £255...........not a bad deal me thinks

    Although I bet I still only get to see Cbeebies !!
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    I am on Telewest Broadband for my internet, and Sky for my Tv. So I phoned Telewest up as they had an offer for 3 months free Tv, but I was told that it was for new customers taking out Tv and phone or internet. Then I told them I wanted to cancel my internet then.
    The put me through to C/S and I told him Sky had offered me 3 months free TV to stay with them.
    He said they would match there offer, and swap the box for one of the new hard drive boxes when they get them early next year.
    I then asked if he could give me more than Sky offered me, he then offered me an extra 3 months at half price, so for one year it will cost me £116.75 for there Supreme package @ £15.50 a month :D
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    tunneller wrote:
    I have been with SKY since they took over BSB and am on the minimal package (£21/MONTH) and I would now like to move to one of the new packages as it would work out cheaper. they do no mention anything about switching from old to new, just new cutomers. Has anyone tried to change? I haven't rung them for years and only remember the interminable waits.

    You can move to ca cheaper package for £15 a month. You choose two of the sets of channels which are the sky one etc, the sky travel etc, kids, the national geographic etc and it will save you some money. :)
    Nice to save.
  • We had no choice really but to go for Sky. We never got a decent TV picture by aerial, though it improved a bit by running it through the video player. [I am not certain how this was done but my SIL did it!] We can't get Channel 5 with an aerial at all for instance, so a Freeview Box is not an option. We can't use a mobile phones here. They receive and send text messages, but we have to stand out on the road to talk, and even then it fades in and out, or cuts us off. We have tried several providers but not much joy. The Park Wardens have radios in their vans. They don't work here. So, how do I cut my Sky Worls Package down from the £43 a month it is now? I read the leaflet and couldn't figure it out. Hb likes the Sports channels and the "Discovery" Channels. That's about it really. We have the film package, but cutting this out really doesn't save a lot. When we started with Sky we got "The best in Films" and "The best of Sport" all for £26 a month. It is now £43 and we have to pay for Box Office for newish films and some of the "Best of Sport" is pay per view. I think they are breaking the original contract by charging us extra to receive the Films and Sport we originally, and still do, pay extra for.
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