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Organised Christmas 2008.. The countdown has begun!



  • The more the merrier Tessie, lovely to have you here :D

    There is a name.. How about Merry for your little christmas visitor Sammy? I love love LOVE all of your ideas and they have gave me some ideas for my own traditions I would like to start now with my children Logan (3) and Emily (2)

    Pretz, Oh my goodness how do you manage to cook for so many people and doesnt it cost a small fortune! I totally admire you for that. I wish I had such a big amount of savings put away *sob*

    JayJay Thanks loads for the advice. My house looks like a bomb site right now so I am totally with you if you would like to help me in the battle to keep up the grand plan together :)

    My spending has been way out of control this month so I need to start getting things in order and more organisation. This is not just for christmas but for a happy set of memories for the kids in years to come.

    Hope everyone is havin a wonderful weekend x
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  • pretz_2pretz_2 Forumite
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    well cooking for that many people is a bit stressful but i am lucky because i cook it all in my dads restuarant kitchen so have plenty of ovens etc and yes it does cost a small fortune but again i am lucky with this as my dad pays for it every year (his way of getting out of cooking himself lol).

    The only way i have such a big savings is because of my job i am a wedding planner and in the peak season i get very busy so have the oppertunity to put that amount of money away but i bet if i didnt have my family i would just whittle it away and be stuffed for christmas and really the only reason i stop myself from spending it is because i have to do it everyday for other people now i hate shopping unless its for shoes which i have now been banned from buying :'(.

    Christmas is what you make and you really don't need alot of money to have a good one.

  • Have you done organized christmas before Jay Jay? I did it last year at the last minute and now I am looking at it this year I hope I am doing it right. What I am doing is printing out the page it tells me to each day as it comes. Am I supposed to be doing a grand plan or something? LOL I LOVE the idea of prepping loads of freezer food that is genius. I think I will look for some family meals so that we don't eat so much takeaway in the run up to christmas due to being overtired and short of time.

    Pretz - That post is just not long enough for me with all the goodness in it! Everything sounds SO delicious. How will you make it all?! How many people will be coming?

    Has anyone done anything about saving money? I have started a savings tin I plan to open in october. When will you be putting your decs up? last year for fun I put them up on October 31st (My weddig anniversary) but this year my oldest is 4 so he knows what christmas is now and I can't make him wait for 2 months! It is his birthday on the 22nd dec too


    Hi PinkLadyMel,

    I do the once a month cooking although I DO NOT HAVE 29 ENTREES like the other organised lady. But if you don't mind cooking yourself, you could cook a ham and freeze enough slices for when you want a cold meat dish. Same with turkey/beef/pork. Anything really, just cook them and freeze, then make sure you defrost thoroughly to room temp for eating. I wouldn't do this now but will start to do a ham in November, slice, bag in people portions and bung in freezer.

    Obviously the other foods you could do are the faves, Shepherds Pie (with Potato cooked and with cheese grated over, it freezes better for some reason) and Lasagne.

    One of my best buys ever, for meat products was an electric slicer. We get so much from a joint, that even with an electric carving knife, we didn't.

    Everyone should buy one. Cook, let cool. Slice, bag and freeze. We have so much more meat now as I would carve thickly and it went into the fridge and ended up being binned. Hope this helps.

    This is the first Christmas I will be working late Christmas eve and on Boxing day, so I am a bit fed up but will have Christmas day with them!!!
  • I totally agree with you Prez. If I can get the house sorted out I will be more then happy :) You sound like you have a wonderful tight family.

    hiya Gangstabird, great words of advice for a terrible cook :) I have read it carefully and think I can do that and it will work out excellent for me. I had two toddlers and life is so hectic so this is a great tip. Thanks alot. Didn't even know you could freeze cheese on things!! :blush:

    Has everyone done their print outs? I am doing the grand plan and it started monday this week so I am already behind! I will try and do the front yard tomorrow like it asks but with the crazy weather here I would drown before i finished lol
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  • Would I be a real saddo and admit to buying a Christmas tree was cheap, it was 8 ft and I always wanted a big one (whey hay)...whispers that it was £50.00 from ebay, brand new and he has one left, they were end of line stock. I can't bl**dy well wait.

    As I was having my life before children, I NEVER EVER thought I would buy a Christmas Tree in September.

    Poll: am I a saddo:j
  • You are NO WAY a saddo.. I created this thread how sad am I?! LOL

    I guess it is freaky to prepare for christmas like.. 100 odd days in advance but I like to be different and it makes me happy so I am going to embrace it and this year I will be prepared and enjoy it. For the kids as well.

    Lets see a pic of the tree!! :D
    :xmastree:Self Certified Christmas Addict:xmastree:
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    Xmas Saver!
    Can you add me on to the list plz. We are cheating slightly (ok major), off out for Christmas lunch, thou very money saving, as we have/will pay for it out of the savings from supermarket shopping.
    Done the money neutral challenge and used those for xmas prezzies. So have done 90% of xmas shopping.
    Present wise left to get.
    Mum (small knick nacks etc £20 from me, £10 daughter)
    Dad (£50 to spend on him.....all hes asked for is liquorise allsorts, £10 daughter)
    daughter (6)- the worst - budget £100 + use vouchers earned ths yr.

    Next day or so have a look at the link and try and get more sorted. xx
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
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    If you think starting to get organised for Xmas now is sad spare a thought for my brother and his mates - they've been celebrating Xmas in Cornwall (Peranporth area I think) in August for years. He was there last weekend, its always the same weekend every year.

    By the way he's not some young nutter - he's 57 next week:eek:
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    i agree with electric slicer comments mine is really useful..........electric carving knives are good as well (esp for those of us with limited carving skills ) ive never been out for christmas lunch (where u have to pay i mean) is it fun would people recommend it ? has any one ever been anywhere really nice ? it always seems expensive when i have seen it in papers etc
    onwards and upwards
  • Count me in too!!! Its getting so close now!
    f you are looking for another source of supportto get organised for christmas, check out this site
    Just wanted to highlight that this is not my site, I am just a member there! :j
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