MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you leave a small shop in the lurch?



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    Stay at the small shop for two practical (not moral) reasons:

    1. Building a relationship with a good supplier, so that you get preferential treatment in the future (Halfords won't remember or care about you).

    2. If you mention the cheaper price, he'll probably knock the £3 off anyway.
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  • I'd always support a small shop that treated me well. I would have no compunction about taking advantage of a chain store, though.
  • Definitely the small shop. They specialise in bikes - a larger store will offer a wider range of products and services but probably don't have the expertise in bikes that the small shop has.

    Although I expect with most people (including myself), you'd find a price point where it makes a difference - the responses here might have been different if the part required was £100 cheaper at the larger store.
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    No I definitely wouldn't leave the small trader in the lurch, especially as he has gone to so much trouble for me. These small businesses are on the very edge of bankruptcy already, and who knows, I might need him to be there to help me out with another urgent repair sometime in the future.
  • Local shop definitely. As someone else has said, if you don't support local shops they disappear. Also a verbal (and moral) contract. Treat people as you would want to be treated? For me to let him down would be just plain wrong. I like to be a person of my word....
  • Definately stay with the small shop. They have gone out of their way to provide a service that is priceless - and you know that you will always be able to pop in there to ask advice - if people continued to use the larger chain type stores then these small shops will simply not exist - £3.00 is a small price to pay for a "personal service"
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    Money saving isn't always about finding the cheapest product. Go local.

    Just disappointed no one is being deliberately contentious and saying Halfords!
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  • I travel 7 miles to get to my LBS in Reigate and would never go to Halfords. As has been said many times, your local shop has experts who are cyclists themselves.

    I have lost count of the number of times I have gone to my LBS and asked "I have this problem, can you think of a way to ..... ?". So far I have not been able to stump them! I don't think Halfords could compete.

    Therefore the supposed £3 saving is far less than the quick service you received, and a fraction of what you will save through the LBS expertise over the years to come.
  • I would certainly take my business to the small shop - you find a much better personal service and knowledge - I find the young recruits in large chains like Halfords don't have the experience to advise and often rely on "scripts" given to them during their training. I use my local DIY store for everything, they are helpful, will get you what you want within 24hrs and will often be competetive with larger stores like B&Q - not only that, but free delivery!
  • Halfords!! I would definitely save the 3 pounds so that I could buy a cheese burger and send it to starving children around the world.

    Think about the bigger picture man!!
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