MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you leave a small shop in the lurch?



  • small local shop definitely.
    But this is surely hypothetical - whenever I compare Halfords with the local small shop alternative down here the small shop is cheaper
  • Yet another that would gladly pay the extra £3 for the goods from the small shopkeeper. To many big retailers out there with huge buying power to hold smaller businesses to ransom so to speak these days.
    The small business owner will no doubt have paid on receipt for the goods and offered excellent service for money, while the likes of Halfords would offer no service apart from point you to them if you are lucky shove them in a plastic bag, take your hard earned cash then hold off paying there supplier for another 90 days while they earn heaps of interest for it. p.s forgot to mention in that time another few small businesses have gone to the wall.

    If i could afford to shop in small businesses all the time i most certainly would but on my budget this is getting extemely harder day by day.

    £2.00 savings club =£2.00
  • jackieb
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    Definitely the small shop.

    I bought an oven, hob and hood from my local electrical shop just last week. I've used them for more than 20 years, and whenever i've had a problem they've been extremely helpful. I knew I could get the oven, etc online cheaper, but I went with the local shop. First of all I asked if I would get anything off for buying all 3, and he gave me £100 off. I phoned them back later, telling them i'd rather buy from them, but told them the price I could get it for online. He said they had overheads. I understand that. He offered to meet me halfway in the difference, and he took another £40 off. I'm happy enough with that. I'd hate to see them close down.
  • I'd use the small shop, as much as anything because I'd feel we had a deal we should both try to honour. Did this last when I purchased a new fridge/freezer .. the private retailer gave me masses of info which was very valuable, didn't try to push me out as it got near closing time .. when I asked him if he price matched he firmly yet politely declined so I still purchased from him as his info help me make a better decision which I didn't feel right to just exploit and then go elsewhere even though I could easily have done so.
  • janaltus
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    I"d stay with the small shop. Halfords tends to be more expensive and anyway good service is worth much more than 3 quid.
  • I would also stay with the small shop, though I would let the owner know that Halfords are selling the same for less.
    Knowledge of competition is healthy for a small business.
    Try saying "I have under-a-pound in my wallet" and listen to people react!
  • Seeing that he gave the bike a service for 'nowt' I would stick with the small shop.
  • Dorrie
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    I'd also stay with the small shop - you have a verbal contract with him to start with! Not only that, what would happen in the future when you needed something else from the small shop - if I was the owner I wouldn't ever order anything for you again if you had cancelled before.
  • Again, I'd go with the local shop. But when I went to collect them I'd let him know about halfords and suggest that he asks for a deposit/payment in advance in future.

    If a shop was ordering something specifically for me I would expect to pay for it at the time of ordering.
  • I would go back to the local shop. My reputation with someone is worth more than £3 to me. I'd mention it to the shop owner though, but even if they didn't price match/beat, I'd just rationalise it as getting a bike service for £3. A good deal IMO.
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