MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you leave a small shop in the lurch?

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Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:

Would you leave a small shop in the lurch?

In need of some new bicycle pedals, you nip down to your small local cycle shop. The kindly owner orders the required model and, knowing you’re buying the pedals, gives the bike a quick service for nowt.

Yet a few days later, you spot the pedals for £3 less in Halfords, available then and there. You’re very tempted to pick them up, saving a few quid and a week’s wait. You’ve not put down a deposit, so would you wait to buy from the local shop, call and cancel or just leave the owner in the lurch?

Would you buy from a high street giant, when you’ve already ordered from a small shop?

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  • DKLS
    DKLS Forumite Posts: 13,459
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    For £3 no, I'd rather use the independant store.

    I went to Halfords yesterday to look for a new longer handle bar stem, the 17yr old spotty oik shrugged his shoulders and grunted at my request.
    So took bike up the road to an independent, and was fitted with the right part and on my way in 15mins. Am happy to pay more, when that more includes a decent service.
  • linni
    linni Forumite Posts: 1,480
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    Hi Jenny

    Personally I think I would stick with the small cycle shop because you never know when you may need them again and good customer service is hard to come by these days!!
  • jamespir
    jamespir Forumite Posts: 21,456 Forumite
    i would go to the shop i had originally ordered the m from
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  • brightonman123
    brightonman123 Forumite Posts: 8,532 Forumite
    stay with small shop- the price was good enough when you ordered, AND you got a FREE service.. doubt any chain(!) store would do that, or allow payment on delivery?
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  • exel1966
    exel1966 Forumite Posts: 4,978
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    100% stay with the independent who has been good to you by giving the bike a free once over even though it probably works in their favour.

    Good service is worth far more than £3 !!!

    Sores like John Lewis don't have a good reputation and loyal customer base without reason.
  • luxor4t
    luxor4t Forumite Posts: 11,125
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    I would stay with the small shop: we had made a verbal contract and I would expect the shopkeeper not to let me down, s/he has the right to expect the same from me.

    Too many small shops have gone to the wall,which is why I cannot buy fresh meat, fresh fish, pet supplies, ironmongery etc etc round here anymore. Instead we have several takeaways, so called 'cheap' booze shops, a bookies and several empty shops: all the necessities of life -NOT!
    I can cook and sew, make flowers grow.
  • Pound
    Pound Forumite Posts: 2,784
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    I try to stay away from places like Halfords and more towards Local Bike Shops. People who work in LBSes tend to have loads of experience of bikes and you're going to get better service when you're taking a bike in for repairs.

    It might not make much difference when buying some pedals but it might be a good idea to keep a good relationship with your LBS because bikes do need maintenance and repairs from time to time so it might not be long before you're popping in again.
  • rchddap1
    rchddap1 Forumite Posts: 5,926 Forumite
    I'd stick to the local shop too. Local stores need to be supported where possible. The service is so much better, and friendlier.
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  • Iguana
    Iguana Forumite Posts: 1,779
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    Larger store chains tend to have an indifferent attitude; I would go for the local smaller store.
  • Gorf123
    Gorf123 Forumite Posts: 77
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    I'd go so far as to say that if I'd ordered them from Halfords and then saw them at the local shop for just £3 more, I'd cancel Halfords, even without the bike service. None of the nearest Halfords shops are so close that it would cost less than £3 in petrol to get there, not a safe bikeride. The nearest bike shop is within walking distance.
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