MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you leave a small shop in the lurch?



  • babble
    babble Posts: 17 Forumite
    It doesn't matter what type of shop it is we support small local shops because they are the lifeblood of some communities and they generally give much better service. So no I wouldn't buy the pedals from halfords.
  • I would stick with the small shop. Altough i don't see why i have to be sympathetic towards the smaller shops, just for the sake of giving them business.
  • In this instance, I'd honour what I ordered with small shop, but if he'd been a surly git, then I'd buy from Halford's!;)
  • Contract made, service taken free, good customer service.
    In the future you may need that shop again. Stick with deals made cos in the future if you needed items ordering the small shop will look after you if you are seen to play fair.

    If you go for the cheaper deal, kiss goodbye to the shop that offered you the service and only be able to buy mainstream kit in future, made in Korea to questionable standards and have to travel a long distance to your "local" superstore.

    Remember, local shops may be a bit more expensive, but they are local, friendly and nearly always offer a better service.
  • J_B
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    Small Shop every time for me
  • In this case i'd stick with the LBS - but in the real world I know from experience that my LBS bloke will send me to Halfords for stuff he can't possibly do cheaper, knowing that i'll always come back to him for the important stuff like servicing or just a natter about my latest close shave with a truck on the way to work!

    Some of the comments about Halfords seem a bit mean too - like any chain they will have good and bad employees - my local one has excellent knowledgeable staff who quite often pass customers on to the LBS for servicing and specialist stuff...can't name the store obviously as the poor guys would get sacked for doing that!
    if i had known then what i know now
  • zzzLazyDaisy
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    Another vote for the local independant shop. People like that are like gold-dust and worth supporting.
    I'm a retired employment solicitor. Hopefully some of my comments might be useful, but they are only my opinion and not intended as legal advice.
  • W_s_n
    W_s_n Posts: 118 Forumite
    I would stay with the same shop too. As mentioned, you've got a verbal contract with the shopkeeper.
    I moved here from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) in 1980. I went to Borrowdale Primary School.
  • I would stick with the smaller shop everytime. Otherwise eventually these bigger shops will completely take over. Where have most of our small shops gone over the years? The likes of Halfords, Tescos, Homebase etc. have taken over the high street . Any way it just isnt British to be impolite and cancel the order!
  • I run a small business and know that I am usually cheaper than the larger opposition, but rarely it is the other way round. The difference is that everyone assumes that bigger is cheaper. They also assume any advice or service from a large company is better than a small independent. Again usually wrong!

    I would therefore stick with the small shop, but probably let them know Halfords were cheaper - who knows if they are branded they may be able to buy cheaper from Halfords than their own supplier. They also then know that you realise they are giving 'added value'.

    Side thought - if we mention Halfords often enough in this thread, could we bump Halfords up the google searches enough that anyone searching for Halfords gets a result telling them to use a local shop instead of Halfords? (My good deed for the day to other small business owners!);)
    :exclamati WARNING
    I am a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, but you have probably not provided all the information you would give me if we talked in private. Please therefore do not rely on this posting as being my BEST advice. It is only my initial thoughts based on what you have put in your post.
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