The Great 'Student Discounts' Thread Part 2 Official Insert:

MoneySaver Smickan has compiled a fantastic list of discounts available for students at the moment so as the original Great Student Discounts Hunt was several years old and had grown long, we've hijacked Smickan's post and turned this into the Great Student Discounts Hunt Part Two!

If you know of any others not included here please click reply to add your top spots.

Many thanks Smickan and all other contributors to this thread.

Back to the original post...

With the previous thread for Student Discounts being started four years ago, obviously a lot that are already listed have expired or changed dramatically.

I hope I'm not treading on anyones toes or annoying anyone but I thought that we could have an up-to-date list :)

Thank you to all who contributed - I've put the usernames at the end of all offers to show who posted each.

A lot will need the NUS/NUS Extra cards, especially if the discount is just listed with the amount (example: Burger King) Remember to take at least your college/uni card with you when you ask)

Some of them may have expired or changed again :) I've stopped going back when I reached the year point as I didn't want to link the old ones together when we couldn't check. If anyone knows if they're still running/knows of anymore please let us know :)

Study Supplies Books, Stationery, Computers & Software etc
10% at the start of the school term from Waterstones. Afterwards it's 3p for every £1 you spend. You need to get their loyalty card for both. [Sophief333]

Mobile Phones & Entertainment
10% off Mobile Insurance with Aston Uni's code is SCAST01 and there is a chance that there could be other codes for the other uni's.[SkintStude]
5% at with the NUS Extra Card
5% off musical downloads from 7 digital from the NUS Extra Card
Financial Times -
Various from Chill Factore in Manchester -
?? at HMV
10% at Gamestation

Travel Hotels, Hostels, Insurance etc
5% discount on hotels for students at You can get it paid into your paypal account, Amazon Vouchers, Itunes Vouchers or you can choose for it to be donated to the NSPCC [gos]

10% at Ben and Jerry's Icecream on production of any Student Card [lilacgold]
McDonalds - Free cheeseburger, burger or McFlurry when a valid NUS is shown at time of purchase [adammouse]
25% at Dominos Pizza [adammouse]
20% at Burger King [adammouse]
10% at Subway - or any meal (6" sub, drink with free refils and cookie/crisps for £2.99 though there are few who will allow it) [c.cam108 and Helix]
25% at Giraffe [specific times - ie not weekends] and you need to get their card (and show another form of student id to get the card) [djjojojuice]
20% at Pizza Hut on production of NUS Card. Tell the waiter too. [Rachel_123 and sugar22]
20% at many railway stations for the food [Burger king/millies etc] Ideal when stuck waiting for a train on the way home. [cadie]
5% at Somerfield [You have to get a Somerfield card too] [Helix]

Natwest student account gives a free student railcard for 5 years [check the site for details for Mature Students] You also get a free webcam and it counts for the offers on Anyone else has to pay an extra £5 for a discount card from them. [lilacgold]

10% Freespirit
10% Peacocks [nurse_bambi]
10% New Look
10% Internationale/Au Naturale
10% Office Shoes [Elisebutt65]
10% FCUK [luv_or_h8_me]
10% Topshop [lowrig]
10% Warehouse [lowrig]

Health & Beauty
20% at Essensuals with production of an NUS Extra card

10% Matalan on production of the NUS Extra card [sahun]
Further Discounts & Offers -
Further Discounts & Offers -
Further Discounts & Offers -

NUS Extra Discounts



  • RachelRa
    RachelRa Posts: 76 Forumite
    Great idea.
    Entering competitions galore, not won anything yet!
    Selling for uni fund, T- 1 wk:
  • Titch89
    Titch89 Posts: 712 Forumite
    Apparantely, if you have an NUS card, you can get 10% at Poundland...
  • Colxfile
    Colxfile Posts: 77 Forumite
    Does that make it NinetyPenceLand, then? :D
    "Peter Pan is 2. Shirley Bassey is 3. Dr Ian Paisley is 4. King Lear is 5. Why?"

    "...also known as taking in the Spanish Cub Scout leader. (Cryptic) (5)"

    Thanks to MSE, I've seen Citizen Kane, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Serenity for FREE! :D
  • Lokolo
    Lokolo Posts: 20,861
    First Post First Anniversary
    5% at with experience08 code. Not sure if it still works though.
  • mum2one
    mum2one Posts: 16,279
    Xmas Saver!
    10% off at Next
    10% Evans
    Check your local cinema I save £1.50 a ticket
    Theatres, museums - discount varies, I always ask
    20% Store21
    xx rip dad... we had our ups and downs but we’re always be family xx
  • The 5% Amazon discount through NUS Extra can only be used once :mad:

    You can get 10% at Zavvi with one of their student discount cards - just produce your NUS/NUS Extra card and fill in a form for their student discount card.

    10% at HMV, but you MUST have one of their discount cards - they issue these in September to coincide with the new uni term.

    10% at Dorothy Perkins and Topshop.
    LBM November 2005: approx £32K :eek:
    Current debt: approx £12K :T
    Getting there one day at a time ;)
  • Helix
    Helix Posts: 2,381
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    The 5% Amazon discount through NUS Extra can only be used once :mad:

    Thats not true I have used it many times this year. Once its been added to the account once it automatically takes the discount off when you buy a CD, DVD or Book. You don't need to enter the code each time it stays on the account.
  • Thats where I've been going wrong then ... I've been entering the code, then Amazon tells me to sod off :p

    Apologies folks - was having a dumb moment :o
    LBM November 2005: approx £32K :eek:
    Current debt: approx £12K :T
    Getting there one day at a time ;)
  • Smickan
    Smickan Posts: 1,053 Forumite
    Not so much discounts, but studentish-freebies - It may be worth emailing some companies and asking if they have samples/donations to a poor student - it all depends on how much cheek you have :)

    I sent an email to places like Bic, Sheaffer, Pritt, various local stationers etc and although a lot have been no-no's, many others have surprised me with their generosity.
  • Titch89
    Titch89 Posts: 712 Forumite
    Is this for any any student or just uni?
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