Great ‘cheap when you get there holiday destinations’ hunt



  • If you can restrict your gambling urges there is no cheaper place than Las Vegas.
    You need to do extensive research for cheap hotel deals but they are available. One good tip is to sign up on the Hotel website for special offers,also check Travel supermarket and Expedia.
    My wife and I are going in September for 2 weeks and our total accommodation is costing about £450 and 2 weeks car hire for just £188.
    Try to avoid Vegas on Friday's and Saturday's, the room prices go through the roof, we are going to Laughlin for the first weekend for $65 per night in deluxe room. Vegas has several outlet malls, loads of Walmarts and 3 Costcos so there is loads of choice, we buy most of our clothes from Vegas and most are far better quality than you get over here.
  • cjmumto2
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    South Africas exchange rate is brilliant at the moment. 16 to 1 at last check. You can eat out every day and lots of things are free like the beaches, wondering around the waterfront in Cape Town, walks up the mountain, Groot Constantia and other vineyards etc.

    You can book a guest house for week as opposed to hotel to save loads and if you go in August it is winter so prices are much cheaper and the weather in Cape Town is still better than a UK summer. Obvioulsy prices are more to fly but you can get last minute deals which are not too bad.

    I have to add I am from Cape Town so a wee bit biased but we go back every year for a month and live like Kings with the exchange rate.
  • maximus0983
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    As a travel wholesaler we are seeing a huge rise in eastern european destinations places like:

    Talinn, Estonia
    Dubrovnik / Zagreb, Croatia
    Riga, Latvia
    Vilnius, Lithuania are all the top risers.

    You always have the far east and even the USA but forget main land (western) europe. Its getting too expensive now.

    If anyone wants advice let me know and I can point out some decent hotels for you.


    THANKS :)
    Scrimping and saving!
  • Are we not supposed to be staying CLOSER to home now that the planet is melting? Just because EURO has done down a bit does not sound like a good excuse for me to start holidaying in Thailand or South Africa. The solution I've found? Have a short holiday in Europe (doing Barcelona for 5 nights) and combine with a short holiday in UK (Cornwall for 5 nights). Doing bit for my wallet AND environment. I for one do not think a trip to Bali or Marrakech is 'cheap' when you add in cost to the environment (and I jsut can't be bothered sitting on a plane that long unless I really have to).
  • tiff
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    I think more and more families will stay in the UK with the way things are going. I know the amount of people camping has increased a lot with lots of people saying you used to be able to just turn up at a campsite, now you have to book and some have been fully booked for ages. Its not cheap to live here, but you dont have the travel costs that you would have if you flew somewhere and you can do it on the cheap by using vouchers etc.
    “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” - Dave Ramsey
  • You are right Tiff with your comments about the rise in popularity in camping in the UK. My daughter tried to book a specific site "any time" in the school holidays and the site was booked solid for the entire school holiday period! Now she is desperately trying to find an alternative site with vacancies.
    "If you dream alone it will remain just a dream. But if we all dream together it will become reality"
  • HenBroon
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    While not as cheap as it used to be, India can be easy to get to (look at package fligts to Goa and Kerala) and is spectacularly good value for delicious food and pleasant accommodation.

    A three hour train trip in Kerala in the comfortable air conditioned section of the train cost us about £3, and you can usually get a driver to take the whole family on a day trip for no more than about £25 - a good tip is to avoid the expensive excursions promoted by the package tour companies and organise the same thing yourselves - infinitely cheaper, very easy and much more fun.
  • Phil25
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    Would just like to agree with the poster above that South Africa, although pretty expensive to get to (at least £600 for a direct flight) is very cheap once there.
    Due to the F/X rate of about 15 Rand to the £ pretty much everything works out at about half the price you would pay in the UK - food, drink, accommodation, petrol, entertainment, attractions.
    We are fairly regular visitors (my wife being from Cape Town) and oddly the only things that seems to me MORE expensive there are cars!
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    Once you've bought the plane tickets, South and East Asia are pretty cheap. I even found Tokyo cheap - hotel rooms can be had for less than £50 a night, trains are half the cost of the UK (and always on time) and eating out at noodle shops is very affordable. Hong Kong is cheap as well if you eat out where the locals do.
  • chrisvaldez
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    Myself and my girlfriend went to Tunisia last November through Teletext - £200 all in, didn't have to pay for a single meal unless we went out during the day, even then the meals were around £3 each for a massive pizza.

    Trains were ridiculously cheap - around £1 return for the BOTH of us to go into the city from where we were. Only downside was the way the people on the train leer and make rude comments about western women to their faces.

    We stayed in Skanes which was 5 minutes by taxi to and from the airport, although we didn't realise just how close we were when we arrived and got ripped off by a taxi driver who quoted us £10! Managed to get a taxi back to the airport for 10 dinars (around £4) on the way back.
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