Whats the best thing you have bought that has actually SAVED you money?



  • smiths84
    smiths84 Posts: 141 Forumite
    Also - my favourite moneysaving buy recently was 3 issues of Prima Parenting mamagzine for £6 - which came with £30 free Pampers vouchers!
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  • my cappucino maker. i no longer buy cappucinos in town . also i don't go into town so often for my cappucino fix thereforey not spending money on carparking or frivolous things in the shops which i don't need.
  • siross2203
    siross2203 Posts: 43 Forumite
    my playstation 3.

    sad i know, but it means i go home everyday for lunch and eat there and get entertained for an hour.

    instead of going to the pub every lunch, having a pint, playing pool and the quiz machine or fruity and then buying a sandwich.

    probably saves me 7-10 a day easily. (only a month and a bit to pay itself off)
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  • janegal
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    My £10 Freeview box is saving me about £15 a month on cable TV subscription.
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  • floss2
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    1. My MR breadmaker - was a £12 buy from Ebay over 3 years ago :D

    2. Quidco - car insurance with £78 from them & £50 cashback, real cost £83 fully comp :D

    3. 2 x medium & 2 x large Le Crueset casseroles - £8 for 4, from a car boot about 7 years ago, allowing me to make huge batches of casseroles / stews / soup & freeze them :D
  • I love my TEFAL 3in1 rice and slow cooker and use it all the time. Virtually anything that can be made can be put in it ... saves buying quick convienance frozen dinners at the end of the day when you have no time or cant be bothered.

    ALSO I love SAVING DINNER by LEANNE ELY, you can get it on Amazon and it is filled with recipes for the slow cooker. Also it gives you a weekly shopping plan so you dont even need to think. Some of the words are American but us here are clever people and figure that out.
  • rog2
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    Definitely my bike - cost, with all extras - pump, lock, lights, helmet - £130. Not top of range, but, then again, niether am I. :D

    I know that there will be maintenance costs, but it has, already, saved me over £50 in the six weeks that I have had it - another six weeks and everything else is a bonus. :T :T

    Then there is 'Skype' - as it is a free program, I didn't, technically, buy it, although I buy 'time'. Have had Skype for about two years now, and spent a total of £30 on credit. I talk mainly to colleagues in Italy, Ireland, France, all over the UK and even Egypt for less than 2p a minute. I have, even, convinced many of my colleagues to downlod skype, so we talk free. Used to have BT bills in excess of £700 a quarter - now I complain if it's more than £150.00, including broadband.

    And, thirdly - Am currently saving to buy a 'Remoska'.
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  • It is not quite a 'buy' but I have always joined a local library and it has probably saved me thousands in buying books over the years! If you want to learn how to cook, sew do DIY or want inspiration for your garden you can get it in the local library. I have listened to countless tapes and CDs while decorating our house and my daughter has had access to lots of lovely books that would have cost a fortune to buy. As many people have said, their computer/internet has saved them money and you can go on-line at a library for free. My local library also has a useful information board and has free story time for children and free activities in the holidays - its great!
  • house_mum
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    Big thumbs up from me to libraries - a lot of people don't realise that you can reserve books - if i see a review of a book I like, i keep a note of it them log on to the local library online - you can search for books, and for 50p I can reserve a book if it is held anywhere in my county, for collection at the library of my choice (so I save money on car parking by it going to the little local library rather than the big town centre one)
  • B-girl_2
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    So many great ideas on here. I'm definitely on the lookout for a slow cooker now!

    My best money-saving purchases...

    1. rechargeable batteries and recharger. I help the environment and spend almost nothing on batteries. (except for the new hand-me-down camera which takes a lithium battery. grrr.)

    2. My trusty bike. I bought Jezebel in Canada 8 years ago and am so happy to have her. I abuse her terribly but she keeps on going. It only cost me £50 to bring her back to the UK on the plane rather than buying a new one over here. Cost of monthly bus pass in Edinburgh, £36. Cost of monthly bike upkeep, on average about £5!

    3. I got a freeplay radio as a gift 2 weeks ago so technically not a purchase. No cost savings really, just hours of guilt free musical enjoyment anywhere in the world, all I have to do is wind it up or put it in the sun! I foresee years of bliss with this one.
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