Whats the best thing you have bought that has actually SAVED you money?



  • angelflower_2
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    I am hoping it will be the £20 I just spent on seeds. Hoping I will grow them successfully, learn a skill in being self sufficient and be inspired to spend more time in my garden rather than spending in the shops - however, this all remains to be seen
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  • ooh, good one, seeds for me too, got about 50 tomatoes that i'm waiting to turn red! And a bike through my work tax-free scheme, I do business miles so 20p back for me per mile when i do my tax return plus saving on travel costs...
  • Maisie
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    And my voucher would cover the price so 'free'!!

    Now what do i do with it?


    Get a slow cooker. Nothing like coming home on a cold day to the aroma of a casserole or chicken or curry in the slow cooker. There's a long thread on them elsewhere and 'squeaky' always helps out with queries and recipes.

    Creamy rice pudding and other tasty things can be made in it too.

    It will pay for itself over and over.

    Mine's on now with beef in red wine and might even make some dumplings later. yum yum !!
  • I have a couple of best buys - my slow cooker bought it about ten years ago and still going strong. Love my breadmaker - a new buy but saving me money already.

    To Mouseymousey99 - where did you get your clothes pulley :D - huuby and I were talking about them yesterday. Crockets in Glasgow used to sell them but don't live in Glasgow anymore.
  • painted_lady
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    Mine is definately washable nappies, I got the covers a £1 each in £ shop and phoned the maker to see where I can buy the pads, they sent me some for free. I therefore got £150 of nappies for £18. Saved me a fortune, although dont tend to use them much now he is so active and its virtually impossible for him to stay still for nappy change. I will save them for any brothers or sisters he may get in future, then either freecycle or send to a friend.
    If any one knows of any good brand for extremely active 15 month olds that dont leak as they try to walk, please please let me know.
    I also bought an electric hand blender to mush his food up, again saved me a fortune.
  • weebit
    weebit Posts: 411 Forumite
    a train ticket to see my mum last christmas. why? it was when i was there that i'd ralised how much weight i'd put on recently and decided after xmas i would go on a health kick. i stopped buying the rubbish foods and started buying healthier stuff and fresh fruit and veg, which generally costs less than the rubbish stuff. it also meant i was buying less food so i was also saving money that way!
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  • Lucy1982_2
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    Cat insurance!

    Poorly boy is recovering from an accident at the moment, it has already saved us abuot £250 last year and I guessing this bill will be about £1000..... So £70 very well spent!
    Current debt - £16,300 :(
    Debt at worst 17/03/2011 - £18,067.62:eek::eek:
    :ANot going anywhere else, ever again :A
  • kizzykizzywizzy
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    It's not a "thing" as such, but £5 admin fee to quidco, I've been paid £380 cashback in a year, so not bad going, considering I really only bought a few xmas presents & car/ house insurance.
    Comping again - wins so far : 2 V festival tix, 2 NFL tix, 6 bottles of wine, personalised hand soap, Aussie miracle conditioner :beer:

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  • RAS
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    For me, energy saving light bulbs, which I prefer to call money saving light bulbs.

    When i bought my first ones I reckoned each would save £30 over the lifetime despite costing £10 a piece and looking like a ten ton truck. They lasted 8 and 9 years and the third is still going.

    Last year I reckoned that good ones costing £2 would save me £70 over their life times. Given the rise in electricity costs since, it is likely to be even more.
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  • mouseymousey99
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    Hi Frostyfreckle - from here http://www.castinstyle.co.uk/ really nice people!

    Lucy hope the patient is making a good recovery! (I live in dread of that happening so they are costing me a fortune in insurance).
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