Whats the best thing you have bought that has actually SAVED you money?



  • arthurdick
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    the best thing that i have ever bought, that saved me money, was a shotgun....i shot the wife, since then, the huge catalogue bills and phone bills have stopped comming in..... and , as an added bonus...my ears are much healthier...........;).......but, as you know, i am only joking, so please dont lynch me.....only joking honest...its me birthday, had a couple of pints.....no harm meant at all.....and, i am truely sorry if i offended anybody......just having a giggle ;)
    Corduroy pillows are making headlines! Back home in London now after 27years wait! Duvet know it's Christmas, not original, it's a cover.
  • Rice maker and sushi knives - we love rice, and my OH makes the best sushi in town. So instead of spending £40+ on sushi takeaways, we make loads for 10 pounds, and super fresh at that.

    Orange sticks and nail files - I do my manicures and pedicures myself, it saves loads of ££££ on these. My nail salons charge fortune for them, and sometimes I do them much better then them.
  • Mozette
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    My bus pass - ditching the car has saved me millions. Well, lots anyhow.
  • Bambywamby
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    My bike has saved me a fortune in petrol & gym fees - a total bargain.
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  • babes21
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    sammy115 wrote: »
    Has to be my laptop. Without it I wouldn't find all the bargains/freebies/tips and advice

    Yep, same here :D.
  • ceebeeby
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    Kids lunch boxes. Before was spending about £20 a week on school dinners - now spend about £5 and they're eating much healthier food that they actually like.
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